June 1

Unit 2 Final reflection

I think I did well on designing my motif because I my design interlocks, and I included many things that I like. For example, Sakura is my favourite flower, and although it doesn’t look like it, owls are my most favourite animal. The solution that I am proud of is asking my friends if I don’t know how or what to do. For example, when I was answering the Personal Inventory sheet I had to draw my symbol but I didn’t know if I had to make an original one or not, so I asked my friend. I think my weakness is that I work very slowly. I think I can improve this by going to open studio or working faster. I think I can make my cultural influence idea better by switching places with Sakura so it comes to the middle. If that happens, it will be easier to carve. I think I can make my personal interest idea better by making the owl bigger and making it more realistic.

I think my motif is partly accurate but partly not, because when I was drawing on the graph paper, I didn’t draw the lines accurately enough. The corners interlock to make a circle and the 4 sides interlock to make owls and squares. I chose black, dark blue, and light blue for the paper colors and turquoise, purple, and white for the ink. I chose these colors because I wanted to  use the colors that I didn’t use for the paper, but not too different from it. The colors that I chose for the paper symbolise the sky. Black for the night time and light and dark black for day time. The purple symbolises the color of the flower, and the white symbolises the color of the owl. Finally, turquoise symbolises the sky. I think my color plan is unified because I used analogous colors (except for white and black) and they are all cold colors.

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April 14

Unit 1 Final Reflection Blogpost

Unit 1 Final Reflection Blogpost

I learned a skill of making shadows to make a realistic mouth.

I learned the skill of making shadows. At the first class I didn’t draw the mouth because I was too bad at drawing it and didn’t know how to draw it. However by practice how to draw the mouth, I got better at it. I practiced how to  shadow the mouth by looking at steps of how to make realistic mouth.  At first I didn’t know where to put the shadows or how to make it very realistic. However by practicing shadowing I became good at that and at last, I think my nose became realistic.

If I can draw my self portrait again, I want to put more highlights in my hear because I didn’t have time to do it and my hear is all black in my drawing. Another thing that I want to change are the pupils of my eyes because I think their sizes are little bit different. I will make right pupil a bit smaller.

I think I was a thinker and communicator for this unit. I think thinker is describing me because I though hard about were should be darker and I also thought about where to draw the parts of my face. I think communicator also describes me because I sometimes ask my friend to comment on my drawing and my friend asked to me too.

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March 30

I&S review

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