Political Cartoon Analysis | Stereotypes of Development

Points being made:

  • The recent wars feel more like circus acts than fights
  • Australia isn’t that powerful a country, unlike the US
  • The only thing people want to see are fights
  • Australia doesn’t really know how to fight wars without messing something up.



Australia as a small, clumsy, not so powerful country

The US as a huge, powerful country



First, the fire represents wars. Australia has already fought some wars, but messed many things up as seen in the fires up the curtains. Also, the size of the fire is how big the wars is. This means the wars to come with the US will be huge because Trump is holding huge fire torches. Another metaphor is the clown outfits. It shows that the world thinks of the wars more like funny acts in a circus than a dangerous fight with many deaths and casualties.


Accepted truth being questioned:

How people think of wars. This cartoon shows what people truly think, even if they don’t think so. They think of wars as something you just need to watch and so what happens, instead of fights against whole countries.

Chicken Arm vs. Human Arm.

There are many similarities and differences between the human and chicken arm. For example of it’s differences is that the chicken arm is a lot shorter and smaller than a human arm, which could infer that human need more energy to move. Another example is how the the chicken arm rests. Chicken arms rest with the shoulder and elbows bent. In humans, the arms are normally resting straight down. A similarity is how the bones and muscles are laid out compared to the human arm.

Spanish Unit 2 Reflection

2. Use a metaphor and a simile to describe your learning.

This unit in Spanish was a very fun unit. Unit 2 was like a bus on a busy road. We all got on and off to get to subjects, but the best part was the trip. We were very busy during the unit like a busy road, but we got to the end of the unit 2 line and we’re moving to the unit 3 line. I like this metaphor because it really explains how our unit felt, but if I could explain the things we learned, then unit 2 is like a buffet. With many different food on the tables to choose from and you look at all your options. Then you choose what to have.

8. How did you feel during the learning experience? Why did you feel this way?

During this unit, I felt more passionate about Spanish and learning it. I felt this way because Spanish has always been an interest of mine and during unit 2, I felt challenged by some of the learning. Also, Spanish food and culture is a fun thing to learn about and we got to do that. I think this because Spanish food is different from other places and they use different ingredients in their food.

5. What would you do differently if you could go back to the beginning of the unit?

If I could go back to the start of the unit and do something different, I would practice sentence structor to improve on write and oral exams. I would do this because I have got lower grades on these two exams because of sentence structor. I would like to vary the sentence structor so I would have simple and complex sentences. This would improve my grades in Spanish.

Mining for Mobiles: Conflict Minerals

The Macbook Air

The macbook air (13-inch) is an electronic produced by Apple and costs $999. This is the technology I decided to look into for conflict minerals. The start of this project, we looked into Congo’s conflict minerals and mines. These are unhealthy,  horrible places, most being controlled by warlords and crime bosses. Many of these mines are now controlled by the US and other major countries, promising they will make the mines safe and sanitised.

These mines are used to get elements such as tantalum, gold and tin. Tantalum is used for batteries because of it’s electricity storing capabilities. Tin is used for soldering. Finally, Gold is used to coat wiring because of it’s conductivity. There is more gold in a pound of technology than a pound of gold ore! Some extra minerals are used in make technology. For example, tungsten is used in phones to create the buzzing notification. These are also mined in conflict mines.

After the minerals are mined, they often get smuggled to neighbouring countries to get transported to place to be purify. Places which include Thailand, India, China and Malaysia have factories to purify these materials. After the minerals get transported for manufacturing. All these materials are used to improve our technological life, but affects the mines in Congo.

The effects on the miners in the Congo can be catastrophic. First, they are forced to mine can minerals for no money. This causes no income for the family. Also, these mines are unsanitized like stated before. This causes many diseases to be spread through the mines. These are only some of the effects we have on the miners.


Impacts of the Technology


These conflict mines generate approximately $185m every year because of our consumption. Most of the money goes to armed groups controlling the mine (causing these mines to be called conflict mines). As stated before, many of these mines used to be controlled by warlords. All of the mine’s money are used by the warlords because of the high demand for technology, and nothing goes to the miners.



Technology can cause air, water, heat and noise pollution from use. Also, technology consumes non-renewable resources, for example gold in circuit boards. Even some renewable resources are being over consumed, for example wood. Also, when throwing away, electronics expel toxic gasses, destroying the environment and hurting people. For example, lead, mercury and Beryllium.


Buying technology might impact the government more than the company or private individuals. If people buy a type of technology and it becomes a big trend, governments need to follow and get the technology because many people are making important creations only on that device, but this causes the government to be vulnerable to hackers and leaks.  


The US guarantee clean mine. Therefore, many mines before were dirty and unsanitized like stated before. This causes disease to be spread around the mines. Because of powerful countries overtaking the mines, safety standards are gone up and there are now standards in all gold mines. This is very useful for miners because of disease being stopped.



Spreading Awareness

As consumers of technology, we can stop the problems of conflict minerals. Spreading awareness and bring people together, we can demand free-conflict minerals. Some sites have already started this to finally stop conflict mines. Sites are spreading awareness about the conflict mines. For example, raisehopeforcongo.org.



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G7 Expedition Reflextion

g7-norikura-kogen-129-x2What did I enjoy?

Some things I enjoyed at Expedition was the long hike and mountain biking. I liked the long hike because my group was very funny and friendly. Also, we didn’t know where we were going most of the time, which help the hike be funny. At first, I thought my group was okay, but after, it was great! I liked mountain biking because I’ve only done it once and I learnt many techniques. Even though I fell many times, I still enjoyed it. Also, I liked the autumn colours. It was beautiful there because of all the reds and oranges in the trees. Finally, I liked staying at Northstar. The staff were all nice and the food was great (or at least better then normal camp food).


One of the challenges I faced was waking up early in the morning by all of my friends. It started getting annoying, but by the fourth day, I was fine. Also, sometimes, my roommates were talking when some of us wanted to go to bed. We had a system that once we turned off the lights, would we only talk if needed (but sometimes my roommates talked even though we made the system. Finally, the last challenged I faced was mountain biking. Even though I like it, I got hurt many times. This was very annoying because we still needed to go on, even though I couldn’t really bike after I got hurt.

Why are the Expeditions important?

I think Expeditions are important because they united the grade and make you learn new things about your friends and life. Also, We learn to be able to learn our parents like if you go to university. Finally, it is fun to hang around your friends and teachers for a couple days!