Grade 7 ATL Skills

Thinking Skills

In Japanese, we wrote an mini-essay about peace and war about Hiroshima atomic bomb. We had to think what things we should include because we had word limits in this mini essay.

Also in Individuals and Societies, we made a comic book about a person during the Renaissance. I chose William Shakespeare and I used a lot of thinking skills. For the comic book, I needed to think what order should I put it, what things should I write and what places should I put it on. It was hard but I was able to manage it.

Link to I&S comic book research sheet

Communicate Skills

In math class, we did an Olympics poster. This poster, we needed to choose a country that committed in the Olympics, and I chose Japan. We researched how much medals that country got and made a graph and stuck on a poster. I used communication for this because we had to perform it and communicate well.
Another assignment is the design criteria D. I had survey 25 people to see which one is better. I had to use communication skills because I needed to communicate well to make the audience understand the questions that I ask so they don’t answer a random answer.

Link to Design TSC

Self-Management Skills 

I used self-management skills in music because I had to be self-management of my music practice records. Every week two days I had to practice at least 20 minutes and I had to check my schedule if I was open enough. If I had homework on that day but I could do it on the next day. I live in tokyo so I had to use a lot of managing.

I did well at tutor with self-management. We chose one method to write down homework, and be organized. I chose the bullet journal technique. I wrote homework that I had to do on that day and also wrote how important that was. Also, we did an algebra chart. We start from different levels depending on where you know until. I started from the beginning but I could catch up to the higher level people. I used self-management to make sure things were due on the right time and not waste time talking to people so I don’t have any homework.

Collaboration Skills 

In P.E. we did a dance unit. We chose a partner to perform a dance with, then we chose a minute to create our own dance in our partners. I was with Sophie and I had to use collaboration because we needed to help each other to understand the dance. I had to also collaborate to synchronize and make a better performance.

In drama, we did a mime piece where we chose and a scene with a partner. I used collaboration because if one person does not understand what’s going on, we need to help each other with it. We needed to collaborate with this kind of partner works or group works. We need to collaborate if this is good, or I think we should change this and other things.

Link to Drama mime piece.

Link to P.E. dance timeline

Research skills

In I&S, we made a timeline about Empires and I chose the Japanese Empire. We researched about things what happened in that empire, events, history. I used a lot of research skills because I need to research a lot to know things. It was kind of hard to research because I had less ideas about researching skills.


In science, we chose an object that we use every day in YIS. We chose certain materials inside that object. We researched about it and made a blog post, video, or poster. I chose 3 materials (yttrium, Dysprosium, and Lanthanum). inside and I phone 6s. I used this very much because we had to use this skill effectively and not get behind. And we need a variety of sources to make my poster detailed enough.

Drama Puppet Workshop Reflection

In this workshop, I learned a lot. A guest (Lee Randall) came with some puppets that he used before in his performance before. We first started with a puppet? with only eyes and putting them on our fingers and learn that the eyes were the most important part of the puppet.

This is how it looks like:

We also learned that the posture was really important because we are making the puppets alive. For those big puppets, if it’s squashed down and walking, that is not alive. We don’t walk squashed. We had to find the perfect weight for that puppet.

I personally liked the workshop when I used a Chinese girl puppet. I learned the rods in the puppets. We needed three people to control this puppet. A person for the head, another person for the arms, and at last for the feet. First I thought it was really easy to control it. But when I tried, it was way too difficult. People in my team moved it to different directions and we couldn’t agree to control the puppet. But at the same time, we had to be very very fragile about these puppets because it was hand made. So if we moved into different directions we had to stop, talk about it and do it again. But we can not talk while performing, so we had to plan very carefully, and we followed the head of the puppet to get the rhythm.




Science YIS technology project

screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-6-12-59-pm screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-6-12-04-pm


This my poster.

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I & S Empire Unit Reflections


I did not know that much I just knew they were very strong and fought for several reasons. When one country colonized another the colonizer can do anything they want so the colonizer was mostly the top of the colonized country. I did not know that Japan had a very strong Empire and Emperor so I chose Japanese Empire for my timeline.


I was most satisfied when the timeline was well organized and had a lot of information about the buildings, two emperors, and the 5 big events in order. And the events were quite big for the Japanese Empire. In the presentation, the picture we used were very good and the sites we used in the google slides were good.


When other students saw are pieces I think that they thought that the Philippines were influenced more than influencing the other country because we only had 3 examples of influencing the Spaniards.   Also, they thought the cultures were very very different from each other. In Spain, the have formal, laced up clothes but in philippine they have half sleeved flowers nature themed clothes and the dances are very different.


If we would have a chance to do the presentation again, I will double check my work again before recording because our script was missing parts and then we had to re-do it again. Also, I would add more slides because our slides had missing data and we forgot to put a little of our negative effect on the last question. Also, I think I will research more with the techniques we learned by Ms.Katy like using keywords instead of writing a whole question.



That is my partner Rina that we worked.

This is the video for our presentation.


Expedition Reflection

I had a very fun time at expeditions. I expected that the Activities were a lot harder but, actually it was easier. Especially the Mountain biking was a lot easier than I thought. I thought it was even hard to stand up while biking but it was super easy. All the Activities were enjoyable for me. I learned about working in a community was very risking because I did not know that many people and got a lot new encounters. The challenges were the hiking when we only had a map and sign’s we have to walk. But at last we were running to the goal and it was fun. Expedition is important because, after it, I had more of a strong community. I grew to a risk taker and had to challenge myself more.


I & S Zoo builder Review


In Individuals and societies, we are playing several games about money. I am going to review a game called zoo builder. The zoo builder is a game that is to build service buildings to accomplish a mission. In this level, I need to build a monkey cage and earn 5000. We can earn money by building shops that can get money. The more you earn, the more costs for the building to be built. I learned in this game that it is not easy to buy things. In a zoo, there are many animals. They look cheap but some animals are expensive too. sometimes we have to sell the building to get more money. Money is not easy to earn and the zoos are working really hard to make the audience have a good time at the zoo. I also learned that our parents are also working really hard to earn money and buy stuff that we want. Everyone is working really hard and also that money is really important than we are thinking. Also, I think that there are varieties of ways to earn money . like in the zoo game we could earn money from ice cream shops, balloon shops, and animals. In real life, we can earn money from doing chores like babysitting, washing the cars, washing dishes, laundry, and other things.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.04.36 PM

Art Unit 3 Symbolism portrait Critique

My Subject and What did I express about my Subject

My subject was Ami. I chose Ami as my subject because she is one of my best friends. At the fifth grade exhibition, I was the same group as Ami and also the similar topic about animals. Also in fifth grade, we went to YCAC together to go to sports day and ate lunch together at YCAC. Ami is important to me because she welcomed me a lot when I went to her table with other girls. After she played with me a lot and this year finally we got to be the same class. Ami and I were very happy and mostly of the times we sat together. I expressed Emotions for Ami because she has a lot of emotions. I think that is a good thing to have a lot of emotion and having fewer emotions. when we had our math board game Ami and I  were partners and we worked really hard and got a 8. Ami and I were really happy and high-fived each other.

How I communicated my Ideas

I chose color and Facial expression for my pictorial elements. I chose color because color and emotions are connected. Color can express emotions. Like for example, we can express calm with green and some light colors. I chose orange for happy and excited, Blue for sad, red for angry, green for calm like I said for example. I used Purple for miserable and confused and nervous. I did facial expression because Ami can have a lot of facial expressions  just like emotions. Sometimes she makes her feeling on her face but sometimes she doesn’t. For example, when she sprained her ankle, she was making the smile on her face but actually she had a lot of pain. Me and Yo were very worried. I got influenced by a art work called “Boats at collioules harbour” from a Artist called Andre Derain.


This is the picture. this style of drawing is fauvism. The Symbol of fauvisum is color. When I reasearched fauvism I saw pictures with colors. Expecially red and warm colors. Also this painting uses some pointillism style of drawing. In the picture you can see dots in the river and some dots on the top parts. I got influenced because this style of drawing has the most colors and sybolize colors as somethingrelated to the topic. As I said I used a lot of colors to express my drawing.


Drama Movie Trailer Refection

In Drama, We chose a topic and made a movie trailer with only audio.

My best skill was Human drama because, My act was one of the main characters , so we had to use a lot of human drama. One of my human drama was an act that was really confused. Also, I was good at usual funny moments. Our movie trailer was a funny story. For example, when Donald ate the map, we made a funny moment,

I want to improve on my conflict because our group’s conflict was too simple so I want to make it funnier and other different conflicts.

I will rate my group’s movie trailer as a 6 because our topic was adventure comedy but I didn’t do that much expression on my voice so I think I did that much of a good job.

I liked the group that did a horror topic. Their group used the music that is perfect for horror music. Also the voices there groups used were very good.