Causes – Industrial Revolution

There were many things that caused the Industrial revolution. The industrial revolution was caused after the Embargo Act in 1807 and the War of 1812. After the war, everyone thought that United States needed to improve on their economy and system and better transportation systems as well. That was because Britain and France had no problems with moving on and continuing their economies. So they decided that they should do something about it. Apparently the war of 1812 revealed their information for better transportation system, economic independence and independent market. Therefore, United states was able to start producing their own goods to use for improving their economy and efficiency for their country. Then they started the Industrial Revolution.

Semester 1 Show case Portfolio

Media Literacy

I think that I improved on finding information and seeing if I need it. Also I am now more able to search for the right things for the topic. In science I improved on finding out if the information on a website was reliable or not. Ms Katy helped us to find out if what we are reading is okay to trust. I also improved on not copying off of the website but rewriting it in my own words.  In I&S, we do lots of research like about empire and Renaissance, so we need to do research. I learned that you shouldn’t rely on Wikipedia because pretty much anyone can write that and it can possibly be not true.


I have shown organisation in Music. I think that I demonstrated this skill because in Music, we had about 8 weeks to learn and perform in front of the whole class a song. We also had to have rehearsal journal videos every week where we had to talk about what we were working on and of what we were able to play for that week. I was able to have all of my videos on time for every week and enough time to practice my music.


I think that I improved this skill through semester 1. I think so because at the beginning, whenever I had to talk like when we made a video, I was not confident at all. But then after practicing and getting more comfortable in YIS and Spanish, I thought that I was beginning to be better at communicating. I was proud of myself when I did my Oral presentation on our food and it was very challenging for me because we didn’t have any script and so I was very nervous but I did my best. But I need to improve on communication in math. I have to explain my thinking and the steps to get to my answer and so I need to improve on explaining and communicating.

Spanish Presentation

Creative Thinking

In English I need to improve on creatively thinking. I have quite a hard time to give my opinions and think creatively. I want to improve that so whenever we have discussions or writings, I can thinking more creatively to get better at English. I also want to do this in PE when we do talking oral discussions with the teacher where we have to talk about things in a situation, or about a topic where we have to describe and think of something that can possibly happen.

Self management

I think that I need to improve on self management by organising my time better. Especially in Art and Design. We do lots of  work for criterions and we need to have time to research it, write it, scan it and reflect on it so I need to stay on track so that I can be assessed on time. I think that this happens sometimes because if I am busy or have other homework, I might have less time to work on it and I am not able to give out my best work as I rush. I want to improve on this because if I can get it on time, I will not have to stress and I will be organised and not have any big thoughts or worrys in my head so that I can give out the best work I can do.


My first goal for next semester is to be more organised by having prepared all homework and have studied a lot for all classes.

My second goal is that I want to be more open to after school activities like sports.

My third goal for semester 2 is to be more open-minded with working with other people that I usually wont work with and I also would want to be more open in to conversations with bigger groups and the class.



Spanish Reflection

Write a headline of no more than 10 words to summarise your learning this unit.

This unit was yet more crazy! We learned about food, stem-changing, transition words, and so much more.

How did you feel during the learning experience? Why did you feel this way?

I felt that I have improve in Spanish and I felt this way because before I didn’t know anything about stem-changing, conjugation or different vocabulary connected with meals and drinks. I felt that it was challenging because there was a lot of words that we needed to study and remember. I now know words such as probar, exquisito,  But I think that that will help me make my writing better for the future.

What would you do differently if you could go back to the beginning of the unit?

I would probably try to study or review more so that I can remember al the things I have learned for that week. I want to do that so that I am prepared for any pop quizes or test or assignments. I would probably be more confident and I would just do better in class like the vocab wall hitting game, answering questions and other activities.


Mining for Mobiles

In science for this unit, we were researching about how and what materials are used in technology that a lot of people use for everyday. Many people own iPhones and they don’t know what the materials and elements inside are coming from or what they are used for. A iPhone is used to call or for entertainment and many other uses. We use it because it has touch screen, camera , speaker and more useful uses. It is necessary because you use phones to contact people if you need to or if you need to search something up.

There are many materials used in iPhones such as Gold, Copper, Tungsten, Copper and many more. I will be focusing on Gold. Gold is mostly mined in Peru, Congo, China and Indonesia. It is not very hard to get but it takes a lot of work to mine them.

The gold and other materials such as copper, silver and tungsten is used to make electrical connections. The materials are used in the iPhone for it to work such as to turn the phone on to searching something up. 

The positive impacts of Gold is that it can be used to make phones work and it is bad but it still useful to make many things. The negative impacts of Gold is that it can be very hard to get and the process to getting the gold is very negative.

The possible safety issue related to gold is that there is places where they are taken from but there is dangerous places  where someone could get hurt or injured or might not be good for their health and many people work there are actually children.

Another safety issue is that no matter what, they have to work. Even if they are sick or not feeling well they have to do it and sometimes if they don’t take care of themselves enough, they can get very sick and might turn into death.  

A money/financial problem is that they don’t get paid an equal amount for what they do and get paid just a little even if they work all day, they don’t get what they deserve.

A possible government issue is that the people who work there don’t have their rights and they can’t speak for themselves or do what they want to do. They have to work no matter what condition or any problems they have with their lives. 

I think that we can help this problem even if it helps just a little in YIS. We can possibly help by for people who have iPhones, to firstly just keep your phones safe so that you will not have to get a new one or if there is nothing wrong with what phone you have but you want the newest phone out, don’t get it or else it will just be a waste of money and all of the process throughout to make the phone. 


Desjardins, Jeff. “The Extraordinary Raw Materials in an IPhone 6s.” Visual Capitalist. N.p., 10 Mar. 2016. Web. 14 Nov. 2016. 

“Conflict Minerals from the Congo to Your Cellphone.” PBS. PBS, n.d. Web. 24 Nov. 2016.

Cómo es tu dieta?

En la mañana no como mucho. En desayuno, me gusta comer tostados y frutas. Mi fruta favorita es la naranja y uvas. Porque es muy delicioso y la salud. Me gusta beber jugo de naranja. No me gusta el cafe porque es horrible. Mi bebida favorita es la limonada y también me gusta la soda. Mi dulces favoritos son las galletas. Yo como almuerzo a las doce y media. Como sandwich y bebo agua. Después de la escuela tengo mucha hambre. Cuando voy mi casa, como patatas fritas. Tengo cena a las seis o siete de la noche. Yo normalmente como carne y arroz. También como ensalada y bebo agua.

Reflecting on the Unit I&S

What problems did you encounter while you were working on this piece? How did you solve them?

Me and my partner had most of the troubles during the research. One of the problems during the research classes was that she wasn’t here for a few days and missed a few classes so we were a bit behind. We were also had a hard time trying to get information of how the Philippines affected Spain and there was more information about how the Spain affected Philippines. We solved them by trying different sources that other people who did the same topic told us and since class time wasn’t enough for us, we got together after school or during the weekends and worked on it together.

How do you feel about this piece of work? What parts of it do you particularly like? Dislike? Why? What did/do you enjoy about this piece or work?

I like that we got to work in partners and that we got to make a video with voice recording. I liked making the slideshow and putting the pictures in because we don’t really do that that much in other classes. I disliked the research because it was difficult finding good information for the topics we were finding about.

What the one thing you particularly want people to notice when they look at your work?

One thing I was people to notice when they look at my work is probably the time and information and for the research to be detailed and have the right information on it. But to do that we have o have a good amount of information and make the words into our own words and not directly from the internet.

What’s one goal you would like to set for yourself for next time?

One goal I would like to set for next time is to manage my time. That is because close to when the assignment was due, we started rushing and not have been good as it could have been if we were managing our time better. Therefore if I improv on it, I think I will get better and better grades. So I would like to improv on that.

Unit 1 Spanish Reflection

Looking at my recent grades for the assignments and tests, I found out that I have improved on reading and writing tasks. I am able to use make my sentence structures  better than before but to make it even better I should out in transition words. I also need to work on using more vocabulary that I have learned recently. I need to improv on my oral skills because I need to make my sentences more long and interesting. For listening, I am having troubles with because they talk quite fast and I usually miss the information when I write down the other things. So that is why I am going to try to write short sentences or a few words for each question so that I have time for the others and then come back and try to make full sentences with that. Next time I will improv on being ready for hard vocabulary and words. My goal for semester one is to be more confident in know the vocabulary and I also want to improve on making my sentences longer with more words and more information.