Reflection on chicken wing dissection

When your tricep contracts when you extend your arm at the same time your bicep relaxes. Your bicep contracts when you bend your arm and your tricep relaxes. It happens the same way in the chicken arm. In this video you can see the tricep and the bicep relaxing and contracting when moving. IMG_0054-2mhnxix

The surface of the cartilage (elbow joint) feels smooth.

The human arm and the chicken wing both have hinge joints in the elbow and ball and socket in the shoulder. Chicken wings and human arms have a lot in common but both of the structures get modified so that they can get used for what they need to be used for.

The chicken wing has a tendon that extends between the shoulder, radius and ulna. This tendon helps the chicken catch wind and therefor fly. The human arm has hands to grip on to things that help us to pick up things.



Playing The Blues


In music, we have been learning about the Blues and the History of the Blues. At the beginning of the unit we talked about the history of the Blues and were it originated. We talked about who the first people were who played the Blues and why is started. Our first task was to make a poster about a specific Blues artist and make a poster about him/her. I talked about more than one artist but a band, The Rolling Stones. We then started playing the Blues scale C,F and G. Then we talked and had a assessment on inversions for the Blues scale. Now we are working on the base line challenge. The base line challenge is playing the triad chords using the 12 bar blues in a shuffle rhythm bar blues format with the right hand and with the left hand is creating a base line to match the chords played with the left hand. We create 3 different challenges in three different levels easy, medium and hard.


I think the first challenge was really easy and took me maybe 10 minutes to be able to play it and maybe 15-20 minutes to remember it and really know how to play it again and again without making any mistakes. The second challenge was a bit harder and it took me pretty long to learn it. I thought is was really challenging to be able to two hands and the two hands are playing different things at different tempos. I think that I could have made it easier by learning how to play one hand and then the other and then put them together or maybe I could have started or playing both hands together really slowly and then every time fasten up a little to get used to it and stuck in my head. The last challenge was really a challenge it took me forever and I think it was because the two hands were playing to thing at total different speeds. I think I could have done better if I would have started of with playing both hands separately till I knew them 100%, then put them together but slow the right hand down, every time fasten the speed of the right hand up till you get the speed you want. I started of playing random rhythms which made it sound terrible. I ended up doing what I explained above but I practiced hours before and if I would have started like that it would have been so much easier.


Portfolio Grade 7

Media Literacy

In Science class I used Media Literacy when we made blog post about the Congo and how the Congo is getting affected by all the electronics we use and need in our everyday life.    (Go:

In I&S I used Media Literacy while we were playing the knockout game and I had to research about Francis Bacon I I used the Media.                                                                                     (Go:



In I&S I was Organized while I was making my comic book on Francis Bacon because I turned it in on time and did not really have to stress and I was also able to organize all the information and put it in a comic book. Here are the first few pages of my comic book:

In Math I used Organization during the Algebra unit because we worked in small little groups and not as a class so we had to make sure you had done everything and were not like really behind. Heres a photo of the class and our progress and you can see that i’m not really behind:

In Music I was Organized during the time we were learning the songs and how to play them and we also every week had to upload a practice journal and I think that I was organized during Music because I learned the full song and also never uploaded a video to late. Here is a photo from one of my practice journels: 



In Japanese I think I was good at using my communication skills because you have to listen and talk during the classes and not always in a language you are comfortable in. Here is a photo of my Japanese notebook:

In Math I think I used communication while performing my statistics poster because I presented it to the whole class and it was not to easy and I got a pretty good grade. Here is a photo of my math grade.

In Art I used communication while drawing and painting and letting out my feeling and emotion and thoughts about Japan in a art work. Here is my art projects:



In English class I used my Collaboration skills when my group was filming the 2 weeks with the queen because I collaborated with my friends to plan and get everything ready to film the video. (Link:

In Japanese class I used my Collaboration skills while Auriane and I were practicing together for our summative task the one where we had to have a Japanese conversation and we practiced a lot and worked together to get a good grade. I sadly don’t have the recording of me talking with Auriane.
In P.E. I used my Collaboration skills when Kiya and I were practicing and performing out P.E. dance because both of us took our dance knowledge and collaborated it together to make one dance and make it look good. (Link:

Self Motivation

In Art I think I could work on self motivation because I always say that I don’t think my artwork is good enough or it does not look good and I am never proud of my own work and I think I could be more proud of my art work then I am because everyone else is like it’s sooo good. Photo of work:

In Design I could be more proud of my work also such as my clay horse and my book because even though I get good grades on them I do not really think that they are as good and they could be better but then after all it’s what I made and put effort into. Photo of work:



YIS Technology depends on the Congo!

YIS Technology Depends On The Congo!!

Did you know that you probably have a piece of the Congo in you hands or in you pockets right now? Well if you have a phone in your pocket or a computer, iPad, or any piece of technology in our hands it most likely that there is a piece of the Congo in their.

In science we all have been learning about the periodic table of elements and researching what elements are in our technology and what they are for, how our technology at YIS might impacts other people around the world and what some possible solutions could be to the impacts. I have been looking at the iPads we use at school, buying a iPad from Apple would cost about 329$.

Elements/Compounds/Mixture in a phone: In different technology their are lots of different elements but in almost every device their are 4 main elements: Gold, and the three T (tin, tantalum, tungsten) gold can be mined in Peru and the three T’s can all be found in Congo and are usually from the Congo.

Gold (Element) can be found inside the speakers and the sim card of the iPad is carrying a sim card, gold gets used in iPads because it lets current pace through easily and fast.

Tin (Element) can be found in the iPad screen and electrical items that keep the phone working, tin gets used because it makes the screen transparent and it also makes solder which makes the different electrical things all work together as one.

Tantalum (Element) can be found stores the electricity in you phone and if their was no tantalum your phone would not work.

Tungsten (Element) can be found in the circuit board in the phone which allows the phone to vibrate.

Solder (Mixture) can be found inside the phones circuit board and it allows all the little electrical parts hold together and work as one.

Plastic (Compound) is used in the cover of the phone and in the big green part of the circuit board and it protects the phone and works as a stiff surface for the electrical things in the circuit board.

Impacts The Elements/Compounds/Mixtures have on different people and things: Most of the elements, compounds, and mixtures I just mentioned all have a impact on the world in different ways but sadly most of them are negative impacts. Here are some different impacts they have on the world:

Impact on safety: The newspaper “TheGuardian” stated that they had interviewed people working in different mines and in the article “Children as young as seven mining cobalt used in smartphones, says Amnesty” They talked about how the people they interviewed talked about working for 12 hours straight with no protective clothing, and ending up with lots of different health problems.

Impact on health with children: The newspaper “TheGuardian” talked about how children as young as 7 are carrying heavy things on their backs, no gloves or face masks, all the heat of the boiling sun, and all this for the prices of 1 to 2$ per day.

Impact on safety and health: BBC News reported that during September 2014 and December 2015 at least 80 different miners mining for cobalt had gotten injured and then died because of bad protection and clothing. The miners who had died underground would just be left there and forgotten about.

Impact on child abuse: BBC News interviewed 14 year old Paul a orphan who started mining at the age of 12, sometimes working for 24 hours down in the tunnels. His foster mom wanted him to go back to school but his foster dad was against him going to school because he wanted him to earn money for his family and start learning how to work at an early age.

Impact on government: There is not control because the government is pretty bad, the government is not really in control of the regions of where the minerals are sourced and if they are in control if is a very military lead control and those military workers are usually not the best so they take the proof for themselves and that happens quite often in Congo. Stated by Marcus Bleasdale on PBS Newshour.

Impact on child safety: Marcus Bleasdale stated “When the fighting would start again children working in the mines in Congo would leave the mines and get forced to pick up a gun and get forced to fight for the militia they are working for in the mines.”

Solutions to stop the negative impacts: There are lots of different Solutions to this problems like sending a letter to the companies using elements from the Congo in there products, use different products from a different companies that don’t use conflict minerals, change the technology we use at YIS or like never buy/use technology again and just saying those are not really solutions I came up with because most of them would be really hard to do and some even impossible so I came up with a solution that could be possible so here is what I thought off: If Apple and all those companies that use conflict minerals in their products would make a serves where if your technology does not work any more for what ever reason and you could bring the broken/old technology back to the store you got it from and then the store could use the elements that still work inside the technology that you gave back and take the elements recycle them and use them in their new products so that they would not have to impact the world negatively as much.




Expedidion Reflection

Two weeks ago at camp alot of fun things happend and challenges that people had to face.

Things I enjoyed:

I really enjoyed the hike were I was in a group with Sofia, Louis, Tim and Yestin we were the ginger bears and our theme song was a rimix of we are going on a trip and it was a really fun hike with all of them, the mountain biking was fun and the landscapes we saw were amazing, the rock climbing was so much fun and I would have never thought I could have done that much, and breakfast/dinner with our table fam (Auriane, Liam, Even and me) we had really fun time and loughed alot even tought we almost always burnet the toast.


Challenges I faced:

Some challenges I had to face was dealing with some dorm isseus, working in big groups and getting over my fear but at the end all of the problems were solved and I faced all the challenges and made it throught the week.


Skills I want to keep working on:

One of the skills that I started to work on in camp was to have fun but not to annoy other people and at the start of camp it was pretty hard but at the end of camp I got used to it and got better and better and I want to continue this goal.

At the end camp was really fun even with all the challenges.

English photos on the roof

In English today we started the unit film study and we learned about different shots and angles in movies and comics. We also went up on the roof with our groups and toke different view photos. In our group we took a low angle and a birds eye view.

Here is the low angle photo: IMG_0482

Here is the birds eye view photo: IMG_0498-1I learned that when you make movies the view you shot at can also give different meanings and feelings to the viewer.

Blog post 2 for I&S and science

How will you change your water usage in the future?:

I will change the way I use water in the future by trying to follow the steps Nelly and I came up with for our poster.


plan for the doing better (2)

What actions will you take to help others change their habits?:

I will tell and show my friends and family about this plan and the poster where the plan is on is hanging in the cafeteria so people at my school and also people who vist can read the poster.

blog post 1 for I&S and science

I used communication skills by talking to my partner and I did that and I think it was good to do that because if we would have not communicated we would have not made such a good poster



I think I also used organization by not only letting all the sheets fly around we put them all in two folders one of the folders was a folder where we keept all physical papers and the other folder was for google docs and online drawings.


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 3.36.36 PM

I think I could have done better Collaboration skills because sometimes me and nelly did not talk that much like when we where meant to print I thought she said I should print something but she said that she would print it so then we both printed the same sheet and then the other sheet did not get printed and then one of use had to print again.


Here is the website to my website: