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YIS Technology depends on the Congo!

YIS Technology Depends On The Congo!!

Did you know that you probably have a piece of the Congo in you hands or in you pockets right now? Well if you have a phone in your pocket or a computer, iPad, or any piece of technology in our hands it most likely that there is a piece of the Congo in their.

In science we all have been learning about the periodic table of elements and researching what elements are in our technology and what they are for, how our technology at YIS might impacts other people around the world and what some possible solutions could be to the impacts. I have been looking at the iPads we use at school, buying a iPad from Apple would cost about 329$.

Elements/Compounds/Mixture in a phone: In different technology their are lots of different elements but in almost every device their are 4 main elements: Gold, and the three T (tin, tantalum, tungsten) gold can be mined in Peru and the three T’s can all be found in Congo and are usually from the Congo.

Gold (Element) can be found inside the speakers and the sim card of the iPad is carrying a sim card, gold gets used in iPads because it lets current pace through easily and fast.

Tin (Element) can be found in the iPad screen and electrical items that keep the phone working, tin gets used because it makes the screen transparent and it also makes solder which makes the different electrical things all work together as one.

Tantalum (Element) can be found stores the electricity in you phone and if their was no tantalum your phone would not work.

Tungsten (Element) can be found in the circuit board in the phone which allows the phone to vibrate.

Solder (Mixture) can be found inside the phones circuit board and it allows all the little electrical parts hold together and work as one.

Plastic (Compound) is used in the cover of the phone and in the big green part of the circuit board and it protects the phone and works as a stiff surface for the electrical things in the circuit board.

Impacts The Elements/Compounds/Mixtures have on different people and things: Most of the elements, compounds, and mixtures I just mentioned all have a impact on the world in different ways but sadly most of them are negative impacts. Here are some different impacts they have on the world:

Impact on safety: The newspaper “TheGuardian” stated that they had interviewed people working in different mines and in the article “Children as young as seven mining cobalt used in smartphones, says Amnesty” They talked about how the people they interviewed talked about working for 12 hours straight with no protective clothing, and ending up with lots of different health problems.

Impact on health with children: The newspaper “TheGuardian” talked about how children as young as 7 are carrying heavy things on their backs, no gloves or face masks, all the heat of the boiling sun, and all this for the prices of 1 to 2$ per day.

Impact on safety and health: BBC News reported that during September 2014 and December 2015 at least 80 different miners mining for cobalt had gotten injured and then died because of bad protection and clothing. The miners who had died underground would just be left there and forgotten about.

Impact on child abuse: BBC News interviewed 14 year old Paul a orphan who started mining at the age of 12, sometimes working for 24 hours down in the tunnels. His foster mom wanted him to go back to school but his foster dad was against him going to school because he wanted him to earn money for his family and start learning how to work at an early age.

Impact on government: There is not control because the government is pretty bad, the government is not really in control of the regions of where the minerals are sourced and if they are in control if is a very military lead control and those military workers are usually not the best so they take the proof for themselves and that happens quite often in Congo. Stated by Marcus Bleasdale on PBS Newshour.

Impact on child safety: Marcus Bleasdale stated “When the fighting would start again children working in the mines in Congo would leave the mines and get forced to pick up a gun and get forced to fight for the militia they are working for in the mines.”

Solutions to stop the negative impacts: There are lots of different Solutions to this problems like sending a letter to the companies using elements from the Congo in there products, use different products from a different companies that don’t use conflict minerals, change the technology we use at YIS or like never buy/use technology again and just saying those are not really solutions I came up with because most of them would be really hard to do and some even impossible so I came up with a solution that could be possible so here is what I thought off: If Apple and all those companies that use conflict minerals in their products would make a serves where if your technology does not work any more for what ever reason and you could bring the broken/old technology back to the store you got it from and then the store could use the elements that still work inside the technology that you gave back and take the elements recycle them and use them in their new products so that they would not have to impact the world negatively as much.




Expedidion Reflection

Two weeks ago at camp alot of fun things happend and challenges that people had to face.

Things I enjoyed:

I really enjoyed the hike were I was in a group with Sofia, Louis, Tim and Yestin we were the ginger bears and our theme song was a rimix of we are going on a trip and it was a really fun hike with all of them, the mountain biking was fun and the landscapes we saw were amazing, the rock climbing was so much fun and I would have never thought I could have done that much, and breakfast/dinner with our table fam (Auriane, Liam, Even and me) we had really fun time and loughed alot even tought we almost always burnet the toast.


Challenges I faced:

Some challenges I had to face was dealing with some dorm isseus, working in big groups and getting over my fear but at the end all of the problems were solved and I faced all the challenges and made it throught the week.


Skills I want to keep working on:

One of the skills that I started to work on in camp was to have fun but not to annoy other people and at the start of camp it was pretty hard but at the end of camp I got used to it and got better and better and I want to continue this goal.

At the end camp was really fun even with all the challenges.