Portfolio Grade 7

Media Literacy

In Science class I used Media Literacy when we made blog post about the Congo and how the Congo is getting affected by all the electronics we use and need in our everyday life.    (Go: http://blogs.yis.ac.jp/22krickhahnp/2016/11/24/yis-technology-depends-on-the-congo/)

In I&S I used Media Literacy while we were playing the knockout game and I had to research about Francis Bacon I I used the Media.                                                                                     (Go: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1WrR8cDpc_Y7C6AQM8dUjfZxbLWXDzaoqU8nd1eEBcQQ/edit#slide=id.p)



In I&S I was Organized while I was making my comic book on Francis Bacon because I turned it in on time and did not really have to stress and I was also able to organize all the information and put it in a comic book. Here are the first few pages of my comic book:

In Math I used Organization during the Algebra unit because we worked in small little groups and not as a class so we had to make sure you had done everything and were not like really behind. Heres a photo of the class and our progress and you can see that i’m not really behind:

In Music I was Organized during the time we were learning the songs and how to play them and we also every week had to upload a practice journal and I think that I was organized during Music because I learned the full song and also never uploaded a video to late. Here is a photo from one of my practice journels: 



In Japanese I think I was good at using my communication skills because you have to listen and talk during the classes and not always in a language you are comfortable in. Here is a photo of my Japanese notebook:

In Math I think I used communication while performing my statistics poster because I presented it to the whole class and it was not to easy and I got a pretty good grade. Here is a photo of my math grade.

In Art I used communication while drawing and painting and letting out my feeling and emotion and thoughts about Japan in a art work. Here is my art projects:



In English class I used my Collaboration skills when my group was filming the 2 weeks with the queen because I collaborated with my friends to plan and get everything ready to film the video. (Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3QiyJKjPB8KYXlDVG16SnZlVHM/view?ts=587e140e)

In Japanese class I used my Collaboration skills while Auriane and I were practicing together for our summative task the one where we had to have a Japanese conversation and we practiced a lot and worked together to get a good grade. I sadly don’t have the recording of me talking with Auriane.
In P.E. I used my Collaboration skills when Kiya and I were practicing and performing out P.E. dance because both of us took our dance knowledge and collaborated it together to make one dance and make it look good. (Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3Nc43TFgGx8SGVKZWJYV3pIaWM)

Self Motivation

In Art I think I could work on self motivation because I always say that I don’t think my artwork is good enough or it does not look good and I am never proud of my own work and I think I could be more proud of my art work then I am because everyone else is like it’s sooo good. Photo of work:

In Design I could be more proud of my work also such as my clay horse and my book because even though I get good grades on them I do not really think that they are as good and they could be better but then after all it’s what I made and put effort into. Photo of work:



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