May 2017 archive

Playing The Blues


In music, we have been learning about the Blues and the History of the Blues. At the beginning of the unit we talked about the history of the Blues and were it originated. We talked about who the first people were who played the Blues and why is started. Our first task was to make a poster about a specific Blues artist and make a poster about him/her. I talked about more than one artist but a band, The Rolling Stones. We then started playing the Blues scale C,F and G. Then we talked and had a assessment on inversions for the Blues scale. Now we are working on the base line challenge. The base line challenge is playing the triad chords using the 12 bar blues in a shuffle rhythm bar blues format with the right hand and with the left hand is creating a base line to match the chords played with the left hand. We create 3 different challenges in three different levels easy, medium and hard.


I think the first challenge was really easy and took me maybe 10 minutes to be able to play it and maybe 15-20 minutes to remember it and really know how to play it again and again without making any mistakes. The second challenge was a bit harder and it took me pretty long to learn it. I thought is was really challenging to be able to two hands and the two hands are playing different things at different tempos. I think that I could have made it easier by learning how to play one hand and then the other and then put them together or maybe I could have started or playing both hands together really slowly and then every time fasten up a little to get used to it and stuck in my head. The last challenge was really a challenge it took me forever and I think it was because the two hands were playing to thing at total different speeds. I think I could have done better if I would have started of with playing both hands separately till I knew them 100%, then put them together but slow the right hand down, every time fasten the speed of the right hand up till you get the speed you want. I started of playing random rhythms which made it sound terrible. I ended up doing what I explained above but I practiced hours before and if I would have started like that it would have been so much easier.