Student Led Conferences January 2017

Organisation Skills

I think I have demonstrated organisation skills in quite a few of my subjects, yet especially during Visual Arts and Design. I have shown organisation in these two subjects in particular because there are always many steps into completing an assignment, meaning that one has to be organised not only with their work but also with time, to be capable of completing as best as possible the requirements in the given time.

Design TSC                Art TSC


Collaboration Skills

I have used my collaboration skills in P.E and English in particular as we have done a lot of group work which requires for us to build a strong team and learn to communicate well. In English, we had a big group assignment where I practiced my collaboration skills.

P.E Dances

Media Literacy Skills

I feel like I have improved my media literacy skills as – during Science – we learned how to find out if a website can be trusted or not, which I was able to put in practice during I&S and science when we were given the task to research on a certain topic.


Self-management – Affective Skills

In my affective skills, I think I have demonstrated perseverance and self-motivation. This goes for both Japanese and Music, as both these subjects require a certain determination to improve. For example in music, playing the trumpet was a first for me, which meant that – especially in the first few months of the semester – I had to work really hard to catch up to the rest of the class’s standards. This perseverance is very similar to the one of a language. This year being my first in Japan, I had to show a certain level of dedication to learn and practice the Japanese language.

As for the self-motivation skills, I have shown a lot of this at home, when completing homework from various subjects.



Communication Skills

One of the ATL skills I want to be able to improve is my communication skills. I want to improve this skill as often when we are given group or pair assignments, I feel like I should take charge and communicate to my peer(s) approximately how much work each person should accomplish. Therefore, the effort made by each team-mate is quite balanced. This goes for more or less all my subjects except Japanese

I think I could also improve my communication skills in everyday class life. I would do this by sharing more of my ideas and opinions more frequently during class discussions. When I am called on, I always answer as best as I can, yet raising my hand is still a little challenging.

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