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The 1877 Edition

The Industrial Times


Sam Washington Biography

Sam Washington was born in Manchester, England in 1820. He has been head of the factory for over 30 years now. Many children have said that Mr. Washington is a very calm and fair man to live with. If they get injured he makes sure they are attended to by a doctor, paying the fees with the money that they would have earned that day

Sam is not only a factory owner, he also offers a roof to orphans with no home or food, in return for daily work. Abused kids have said that his factory was a better place to them than their original home. Sam offers the necessary supplies for the children to survive. He opened his factory because he thinks that second chances are a good opportunity to start over, no matter how bad your life was before.



Sam does agree with child labor, but he says the children must have suitable and reasonably safe working conditions. Child labour allows children to earn money to buy school books and support their family income.

Sam is for child labour as he believes it gives abused children a second chance in life, to learn new skills and possibly start their own factory or business later in life, where they can help kids and earn a steady living just like Washington.

For orphans or children with abusive parents, child labour allows them to take their minds off family problems and other issues that may be bothering them. At the end of the day, their work hasn’t been for nothing as they get paid a fair amount so they can support themselves and their family. 

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