Dragon City’s ATL Skill Video

Dragon City Members: Yestin, Ben, Kotaro, Aya and Auriane

In our group, the main skills we used throughout the creation of our video was collaboration, creative thinking and time-management skills, because we only had a matter of minutes to both decide on a focused ATL skill to teach the Grade 6s about, and create a one minute long video to show the depth of our thinking through a short skit. We had to make sure we looked out for each other during the planning and creation of our video, listening to one another for ideas and making sure we always gave the best we had, both to the rest of our team-mates as well as for our video.

Our main purpose for this video was to teach the 6th graders about the deeper definition of Self-management and Organizational Skills. In our video, we wanted to make sure it was clear that school work should always have priority, especially when preparing for a certain test or assignment. We wanted to tell them that – although social life is important – as an MS student, one must learn to balance this social life and school work. We hope that this short video will convey a clear message to the 6th graders that school work should never be left for last minute; don’t procrastinate!

2 thoughts on “Dragon City’s ATL Skill Video

  1. Hi Auriane,
    It was really creative how you showed self-management! I think your group worked really well together to show self-management. One thing you could improve is probably speaking more clearly and slowly. Overall I think it was really good! One question is how do you stay on task and use your time well?


  2. I really liked your video! I think that you spoke clearly and you also spoke with great emotion. Next time maybe you could slow down the text on the screen at the beginning because it was hard to read. I think you worked together really well as a group!What was a difficulty you experienced when making this video?
    Overall I think you guys did a great job!

    – Julia Lanctôt

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