Chicken Wing Dissection

Chicken Wing Dissection Labels

Chicken wings and human arms… Although these two have evident differences such as the size, or even the appearance, their functions are quite similar in many ways. To start with, both chickens and human arms have a radius and ulna bone in the forearm, as well as the humerus bone in the upper arm. As for the joints, both shoulder joints are ball in socket joints, and the elbow joints are hinge joints. On the other hand, chickens only have one ball and socket joint in their arm, while humans have two. In chickens, their wrists are hinge joint, while in humans, the wrist are ball and socket joints.

Another similarity between the chicken and human arm anatomy is the function of the muscles… An example of these is the biceps and triceps in the upper arm: when one of them contracts, the other one relaxes. In other words, both chickens and human arms have antagonistic pairs working in their arms.

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