May 5

Playing the blues

In this task we had to play three blues scale challenges, a hard one, a intermediate one and finally the easiest version. In the first one we had to use our left and right hand. We first had to play the normal blues scale which was the c,c,c,c  f,f,c,c g,f,c,c and then for the second one we had to play with our left hand the bass which was when we had to play c for 4 beats and then c again for 4 beats and do the same for the other ones which were c,c,c,c f,f,c,c g,f,c,c. for the third and final one we had to play with our left hand the the blues triad with our right hand we I had to play the blues chords with the shuffle rhythm.

To improve I might spend more time on the left hand because I am not as fluent on this hand, to improve this hand I might warm it up a bit more by playing some of the techniques that I have used in my weekly videos for my solo. Another thing that I could improve on is the transitions between the notes because some times one of my fingers hits another key so it sounds like i am playing something that i shouldn’t, I could improve this by practising more or warming my hands up so that I can move my fingers better and also be a bit more aware of where my fingers are.

above is the hardest challenge

above is the intermediate challenge

above is the easiest challenge

November 24

G7 Metals in YIS technology

The technology that I am researching is the iPhone 6 with 64 gigabits. The company that produces this piece of technology is Apple. This piece of technology coasts around 519.55 dollars. The main materials that make it do all the functions that you know of, are gold, cobalt and indium tin. Gold makes the circuit board work more efficiently and also is used to transfer the electricity to other parts of the circuit board. Cobalt makes up 60% of the battery. The indium tin makes the screen touchable.

There are also troubles and problem that come with making these wonderful gadgets. Most of the mines that these elements are collected are ran by warlords and the mines are normally conflict zones. The warlords force children and adults from local villages by pointing a gun at them and threatening them into labour. The warlords sell the minerals to the buyers that are normally in Asia,  and then get the money and buy weapons to fund their campaigns against the government. Another problem is that the workers are not getting good wages and that means that they cant help their families and they cant get food and clean water. The U.S.A is trying to help with this problem and they are making progress. Environmental problems have grown because as soon as a mine runs out of the minerals they move on and there are these big holes in the ground that are just left there. Also the most valuable material that is used in the phone is gold and that is the most mined material. Did you know that just in yanacocha 1,600,000 tons of gold is mined. Another problem is that the government has no control over these rebel groups and a lot of the governments army is corrupt so they cant take back the mines. Another problem is that a lot of the people that purchase the products are not aware of where the materials that make the phone are from, and how they are mined. Another problem is that people want to get a upgrade and just throw the old phones into the garbage rather then recycling them.

Some solutions are to send a message to the producer and say that you know where they are sourcing the materials and put pressure on them to test if they are legal or are conflict mineral. You could also recycle your old phones so that they can reuse the materials rather then mining more and effecting the environments. You could also buy a different phone for example you could buy Fair Phone which means that their use of materials is all fair, you can also repair your phone rather then buying a totally new phone. You can also donate some money to the mines so that the mines could become conflict free zones and the workers could actually get good wages for all the work they have done.


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November 2

G7 Expeditions Reflection

What I enjoyed?  1.The mountain biking 2. The rock climbing  3. staying in a room with my friends 4. getting to know people that came to school this year.

What did I do well?  1. The mountain biking 2. the rock climbing 3.communicating with my friends and other people. 4. all of the walking.

What challenges did I face 1. I had a hard time making the soba noodles 2. eating foods that I did not normally eat 3. being away from my parents for more then 5 days

What did I learn about being in a community? 1. that you need to cooperate well with each other 2. be nice with each other 3. share things 4. communicate well with each other so that you cooperate better.

How did I grow? 1. I grew in social skills 2. I grew in skills of rock climbing 3. I grew in understanding of how community work and things you need to have to make one work efficiently 4. I grew in the amount of people I knew.

Why is the expeditions important? 1. to get the kids to know each other more 2. for the kids to gain some trust in you fellow friends. 3. to improve the kids social skills.

The goal I chose? I don’t need to keep on working on my goal because I have accomplished it over the expedition.


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September 13

Dragon Days


Designing our project was… Hectic at the beginning because we had lots of work to do and we were all over the place. I found it fun because it help me to know people from other grades.  
Reasons I liked working with my group I liked working with my group because we stayed on task and the people in my group were people that I liked as friends and I knew that we were going to get through the project very well.
ATL skills that I used well I used multiple, for example risk taking I showed this atl skill by asking new questions and going outside of the box by asking teacher and other people.
Great moments along the way One was when I ran all the way to Mr.Tanninone and was supposed to ask when the ycac tennis courts are open for use and when the turf is open in the afternoon and when the gym is open for use, but then I only asked when the turf was open.
One thing I learned from another group I learned that we should not only use a computer to show our work but we should use a poster or a skit to communicate our ideas.
Next time, I will I will come up with a different idea that is not as hard to accomplish.
Something awesome that I contributed I contributed the idea of making a skit and some of the sports that we wanted to add after the school days end.
June 10

Zoo Game Review

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 午前11.42.29

I learned that  how to attract people to your attraction and how to save money and to give up other sites to get a good site that lots of people are going to go to see. I also learnt that you need to think long term because things that come up and are so tempting to get but they are not worth it because the thing that you can save up for is a lot more worth to purchase because it will give you a lot more money and will help your business grow and once you have got that you can get the things that tempted you and make your business grow. The audience of this game is probably kids that are ages above 11 because the kids below would not understand the concept of the game. People should play this game because it helps with business ideas and it also helps you develop a idea of how to start a business by them selves and also how to start a business with a small lone of money. The point of the game is to show you how to start a business and how give you a idea of how to start a small business. The game could have been a bit more fun because they could have added in where you mite be on the ground walking around. I would give this game a side ways.

June 9

Final Critique Unit 3

I chose my Dad for the portrait because he represents lots of things. I chose for the setting a soccer pitch and I also chose a house and some alps on the top, it all represents what my dad most enjoys. And these are some of the things that I remember him by. For the soccer pitch it represents two things about him and they are that he likes to play soccer and that he likes to play ball sports. The house shows that he loves his family and that he likes to play with his family. The alps show that he likes to go hiking and that he likes to go skiing and that he is very sporty and that he likes to rock climb. My dad has achieved a lot of things during his life time and me and him have achieved a lot together. He has achieved climbing some really tall mountains in Switzerland and has achieved to climb Mount Palartis with me. I have also been on long camping tripes with him and they have made me love my dad even more. I have also been rock climbing with him before in Australia. I have also been skiing with my Dad and that was really fun and I have also been trick skiing with my Dad. My Dad has achieved three long Marathons and that was 42km. I am really influenced by my Dad because when I grow up I want to be as good as my dad in skiing so that I can go Tour skiing and also I want to be able to run some long Marathons with my Dad so that I can represent my Family in lots of thing and this is all because i want to be like my Dad when I grow up.

I chose for my two pictorial elements Setting and Objects because they are the two things that mostly represent my Dad. I chose for the Objects Trees and a house. I chose the trees because they represent my Dad because he loves to go hiking and he also loves to go swimming and the trees also represents that he has good survival skills and has lots of skills in the nature. It also shows that he loves the nature and that he loves to spend a lot of his time in the wild and spending time camping where he has no help or nobody to help him if he gets hurt. He also loves to go hiking in the wild because I come with him and we jump of small cliffs into a lake and it is a really fun experience to go alone with your Dad because I can do things with my Dad that I could not do with my sister and my Mum for example jump into the lake of a cliff because my Mum would get scared and my sister would also. i chose house for one of the objects because it shows that he loves his family and that he loves to play some video games with me and that he loves playing games in the back garden with me such as Nerf Fights and playing soccer. I also put the house there because he also loves to watch movies with me and my sister and Mum. I chose the house also because he loves to teach me Math and English in my house. For setting I chose a soccer pitch, Sun and a bunch of alps at the top hanging down. I chose the soccer pitch because  it symbolises many things that include that he likes to play many sports like running, soccer, basketball, rock climbing and many other sports. I also chose a Sun because he is a happy person and is really into playing outside and for playing in the wild. i also chose the Alps because that is one of his most favourite sports skiing and he has climbed lots of mountains in his life time. I chose cubism because the artist Leger makes his paintings really interesting. They also show how harsh the things that my Dad does because the paintings are very sharp with the angles and the colours of the painting that he does are related to the things that I remember my Dad by. This artist is kind of influential to me because of his style and how he paints.

June 1

My Economics Plan For This Summer



Research Question:I want to save up for a new Tracks remote control car?
Reason why: I want to save up for this car this Summer because I have always wanted to make a big dirt track up in my French holiday house. I also have been saving up for this car for 4 months and I will be able to get it in a Japanese toy store. I also want this car because it is really good for doing tricks and for doing dirt driving. This car is 20,000 yen and I will soon be able to get it. I have had lot’s of remote control cars but this car is better than all the other ones because the other cars can not do dirt bike riding.

Part 2

Brain Frame:


Part 3


I will purchase the remote control car in Japan before I go to France. So I will use the same currency as Japan so YEN and I will be getting 3000 per week and I have already saved up 12,000 yen so that means I will be able to purchase the car in three weeks and that is perfect because that is the start of the summer holidays.


My labor will be chores because I earn 3000 a week and I can save up quickly. I will also help take the rubbish out and help my dad with feeding the cats. I make my bed, keep my room clean, keep all my draws in order and feed the cats and take the rubbish out.


My opportunity cost will be not to buy anymore new nerf guns and to not be able to go out with my friends to Starbucks and will not be able to get anymore new snacks and anymore new phone cases and anymore mouses for video games. I will also be using my time to do the labor.  

This is the plan that I will accomplish over the Summer. I will buy a tracks remote control car. The reason why I want to get the remote control car is because I want to play with it over the summer holidays. I will continue to save up till I have got the amount that I need to purchase the car. I have found out where I am going to purchase it and how much it is so that just leaves me with saving up for the actual car. This Remote Control Car is better then a lot of the other Remote Control Cars that I have already got. The producer of the Remote Control Car is RC cars. They have given their Remote control cars to the shops with the most demand. I have over the previous weekend have located the producer of the Remote Control Car.


I will accomplish  this goal by the first week of the summer holidays because I have already started to save up for the Remote Control Car. I am also looking forward to playing with this dirt riding Remote Control Car.

May 31

Drama movie trailer audio

Yestin was the narrater and he made all the statements  that set the scene, he also made people think that there is something bad about to happen to the characters. Yestin was a very good voice over narrator and helped the team. The main things that made him good at was the voice he had that mystical tone in it he also explained clearly what was going on. He was the best man for the job because he also made his voice low and that added another aspect to the whole trailer.

The conflict in the audio trailer for Friday the 17th was between the two main characters which was the monster (Jared) and the school girl (Nelly) in the movie we made the sounds make the whole movie sound scarier. We used dramatic music and loud screams to indicate that somebody was in grave danger. We also made screams in the main conflict part which wasn’t that fair of a conflict  to indicate that I was getting hurt and that Nelly was the next to get hurt and killed. We had many sounds and action in the main conflict because there was so lots of struggling and there was lots of breathing so that meant that the scene was a active one and that Nelly was trying to escape the evil clutches of Jared on his Birthday Friday the 17th.

The main character voices was Yestin and Nelly because they were the narrator and the main character. We used lots of dialogue grabs. Because we wanted that audience to get a felling of the actual film and that they were in the movie and they could watch the movie in their heads. We used many different tones in our speech for example with my scene where Jared is dragging me away from the house and I say “why are you doing this to me” in a distressed voice. We also use different music at the end and when somebody is knocking on the door. We use lot’s of scary music to describe that the scene is going to involve lot’s of action and mystery.

The action sequence for our movie trailer would be when me and Nelly are doing homework when there is a knock on the door and Nelly goes and gets it and then when she turns around I am not at the table where I was just a second ago. We also had lots of action in the main conflict part because there is lots of struggling and breathing so that means that there is a lot of action going on in the house with Jared and Nelly. The sound affects connect with the dialogue grabs because they are all sourced form the internet and that they all are making the scene a more dramatic one. We had lots of sources for the sound affects and they all have something to do with creepy stuff and mysterious stuff. We used lots of stereotypes and we also had  lots of influence from other movies like Friday the 13th and the part where there is a murderer. Our main concept was horror because me and Jared had watched lot’s of horror movies and we had lots of ideas on the topic so we came up with the main concept and the main characters. We had some human drama in the scene where I was saying “why are you doing this to me” because I am using the part where I am scared and that I want to have help with the situation.

May 12

Important person speech

I think that the best things about what I spoke about was about how our friendship was very strong and how the little things in life can make your friendships grow. I also thought that it was a nice touch at the end with the part on how we still keep in contact with each other and how we are still best friends even tho we don’t see each other often. We still know that nothing would keep us apart from each other.

I think that I did well on the modulation part because when it was really happy I put a high pitch on it and also when it was low I slowed down and made my voice a little less emphasised. I think that I also could improve on the part when I said that I got bullied about my last name a little more sad because I started to  laugh as if I was a funny matter but it really is a really sad matter.

I think that I emphasised my words well because when I was sad I slowed down and when I was happy I sped up and when it was sad I said it in a less emphasised voice and I also said it with a sad voice. For the posture I thought that I stood well because I was not fidgeting and behind my back and I also was not playing with my hair or my face. One thing that I could improve on is my facial expressions because they did not really change.  I also thought that my structure was pretty good because it went up in years and it also went in stages of our friendship. For example when we went to the boy scouts.