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Nature vs. Nurture (Is our behavior dictated by our genes or our environment)

Is our behavior dictated by our genes or our environment? By watching numerous studies conducted by both the Cambridge university and the Hines study, we were able to see that aspects like gender stereotypes were both nurtured into children but… Continue Reading →

Chicken wing Dissection

Some similarities: The bicep and tricep is located in the same place for both chicken and human arm. They both have the same contracting and expanding features. chickens and humans also have the hinge joint (humerus bone) connecting the shoulder… Continue Reading →

Playing the Blues

This unit we started the blues, starting of with researching a I particular blues artist and making a poster about them. We learned the roots and the origins of the blues and also what it influenced in modern music, we… Continue Reading →

My Portfolio


Important person speech

  My best skill was facial expression and pitch because I was able to sound very excited and enthusiastic about my subject as well as sound sad and dramatic when something depressing or serious was going on, I made sure… Continue Reading →

Grade 7

The Piece of Congo in Your Hands

Did you know you that right now, at this minute you are holding a piece of the Congo? The main minerals and compounds that make and keep your electronics together and functioning are gold, tin tantalum and tungsten (the 3… Continue Reading →

Expedition Reflection

The Fun-Stuff (the Hike)  Last weeks expedition was a lot of fun and challenges. The most enjoyable part of the trip was by far the hiking in which we went out on a marked trail just with or small groups…. Continue Reading →

Movie Trailer Reflection

I think our Action Sequences was quite exciting but they were not very clear. We had a lot of excitement such as murdering and screaming and all our scenes had a lot of action but there were some places that… Continue Reading →

Art reflection UNIT 3

The subject of my painting is my best friend Yani. When I first moved into the area (Byron Bay) I was very nervous as for I did not have any friends but Yani and I seemed to get along with… Continue Reading →

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