Industrial Revolution


Coal production started the Industrial Revolution. This is because the coal was used to make steam. The steam was used to power the trains and the trains transported goods. Another reason I think that coal production was what caused the Industrial Revolution is that the coal fuelled the furnaces and the furnaces melted the iron. The Iron was used to make trains and the iron was also used to make machines for the industrial production. The machines were also used to farm for the agricultural production. This is why I think that coal production was what caused the Industrial Revolution.   

Backward Empires Reflection

How much did you know about the subject before we started?

I didn’t know anything about empires before this unit. The only empire I knew was the empire from Star Wars.

What process did you go through to produce this piece?

I had to use encyclopedia Brittanica and google. Then I made a slideshow and script. Then I had to Record Jared and I reading the script.

Have you done a similar kind of work in the past (earlier in the year or in a previous grade; in school or out of


I have never done this sort of work so it was an interesting experience.  In what ways have you gotten better at this kind of work?

I think I got better at processing research that I need. This helped me understand which knowledge is important and useful and what information is not.

 In what ways do you think you need to improve?

I think I need to work on my time management because if I concentrated more I could’ve done a better job.

6. What problems did you encounter while you were working on this piece? How did you solve them?

One of the problems that we had was that the slides and the number of text in the script didn’t add up. I solved this by reducing the amount of text and by adding more slides.

 What resources did you use while working on this piece? Which ones were especially

helpful? Which ones would you use again?

Encyclopaedia Brittanica didn’t help much but Wikipedia helped a lot. I will try to use wikipedia as a second option because it is not that reliable.  photo-on-2016-11-04-at-14-24-2

Dragon Days Reflection


Designing our project was really smooth and everyone could share their own opinion. We made our project something that everyone could relate to.  
I liked working with my group because everyone was funny and we worked well.
Some ATL skills I used well were communication and thinking. I think I communicated well because I could share my idea and was able to listen other people’s ideas too. I think I thought well was because as a group we had to think on how we can find alternatives for not using electronic devices.
One great moment along the way was when we were competing on whose pinterest logo was the best.   
One thing I learned from the other group was how littering garbage kills whales and penguins.
Next time I will try to be more focused and will be able to do more work.

Something awesome that I contributed was the play dough making I did when I created the logos for social media.


Unit 3: Expressive painting

In art class we had to draw somebody but in their drawing express something about them

The person I chose was Kensuke. Kensuke is a friend that has a hobby of watching movies. I chose Kensuke because he was sitting next to me. He is important because he is my friend. I expressed his love of movies because it is a hobby of his to watch them.

The elements I used was colour, clothes and setting. I used colours like red and black because it shows his brave personality. I changed his clothes and settings to make him look like he is in the lord of the rings because of his love of movies and his love of the lord of the rings. I used the lord of the rings as my influence because Kensuke likes the lord of the rings. The artist style that influenced me the most was Hergé because he wrote the tin tin books out of his own experiences.  I decided to use his style because I am drawing Kensuke, who is in my life.

Unit 2: Print Making

In art we carved rubber plates to create a printing block. We used the to print patterns and how patterns interlock.

Photo on 4-20-28 H at 12.48 PM #2


I think I did well on choosing the colours to print on. I chose white to give a ghost like feel. I chose green and purple for a poisonous feel. I think that I could have improved my carving. I should have carved the negative space instead of the positive space. I should have also made sure that the plates actually interlocked properly. I also wasn’t as precise as I could have been. If I could redo this unit I would make my design even more simple.

The biggest problem for me was choosing my design. I first thought about creating a star wars based motif but I could not make my mind. After that I thought of creating a superhero based motif. I ended up with a Harry Potter based motif. The way I solved this problem was to think about alternate designs.

I think I did well on collaborating my personal interest with my cultural influence. My cultural influence was the Japanese wave pattern which I put on the corners. My personal interest was Harry Potter. I chose this because at that time I was rereading the Harry Potter series.

 I used many basic shapes in my motif. I used a couple of circles and a few stars. I used some uniques shapes too like a moon like shape and a diamond like shape. I used green and purple for four of the motifs. I used those colours because I thought they felt poisonous. I used white and black for my other five motifs because I thought that if I put the right amount of paint on I could get a ghost like mysterious feel.  I created a pattern using the order of different coloured motifs by making the corners purple and green and the cross in the middle white and black. My art work interlocked by I thought that if I had more time I could have made them line up even more.




A sword represents internal and external conflict.

When we see someone carry a sword we think of that person needing to protect themselves. We also think of danger. When we see someone not carrying a sword it reminds us of not having the need to protect themselves and a feeling of safeness.

There is man vs. man conflict where people fight people using swords. Then I realised that a sword could mean internal conflict too. It could mean insecurity or having a need too protect themselves from other things. If they don’t have the need to have a sword it means they have a certain feel of safeness. This could mean that a sword represents conflict.



Unit 5: Film Critique

Today in english we started a new unit. We learned about techniques used in photography and video shooting.


This is a technique called the long shot. This tells the audience the background and what is happening around the main character.



This is a angle called the low angle. This technique takes a shot from a lower angles.



This technique is called the extreme closeup. It is when you take a really really close shot of somebody.



This is a technique called medium shot. It is where you contain just the action.



This is a angle called the high angle. This is where you take a photo or video from above the main thing but not too high to become a birds eye view.