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Base Line Challenge


I do not think that I was able to accurately do the challenge in the video since my spacing was not good and because I was fumbling with each of the keys but because my keyboard does not allow me to play the low keys I was forced to scrunch myself so that is why I do not think I got a perfect score in this challenge.

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Science Superfood Project



Lotus root in general is a very healthy food it is just that it is popular in Asian countries such as China, India and Japan

It is unclear wether green peas and green soybean are superfoods.

Lotus root has to be in shallow water in order for it to grow.


Thx pinterest for the Pics!

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James Hardy: In The Painful Folds

James Hardy: In The Painful Folds


James Hardy was born in London 1819. James Hardy has been the owner of the news papers factory for over 20 years. Although James is a fair and noble man, he can be a bit agitated when it comes to his work life for he does not approve of what he must do in order for his newspaper business to run, this makes him a chivalrous man.


He offers roof for orphans but he takes discipline very seriously, but the problem of being a factory owner while running an orphanage comes in handy because the government forces him to make the children work. If the children are late he will punish them but in reasonable boundaries. He believes that this teaches them to behave themselves though. He also does not let children do very dangerous tasks but in situations where nimble fingers he blunts the tools in order for it to be safer.



James Hardy realised that he is very against child labour when a young girl got stuck in a machine and got severely injured. He then attempted a strike but he could not get enough followers thus he stopped, He once considered leaving the newspaper but he thought of the orphans that he was hosting discarded the idea and he could not send them to another orphanage because they would be given worse treatment in another factory. Later once news reached the government he was in even more trouble for he was forced to make threats towards innocent children.

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Industrial Revolution (Brain frame, What caused it and Flow chart)

How it Started:

It started with the production of textiles in which rural areas started making their own cloth and selling them for money but then factories arose and started making them putting many people out of business though at the same time it hired many other people. The factories started to extract iron in order to make tools for agriculture that provided all the factory workers with food, iron smelting also made the braces for the railroads thus it helped make the connection within. Since factory workers needed places close to the factories in order to prevent exhaustion cities started to be built and that meant more resources to build thus more and more factories were erected and the use of coal extraction, iron smelting, agriculture, steam power, railroads and Industrial Production were more in use. After more people moved into cities the factories needed to make more than textiles so they needed more resources and that caused the Industrial Revolution. So the Industrial Revolution started with making cloth and since the factories making it needed workers, people came from rural areas to make travelling from their homes to their work areas and because of that more things needed to made in order to have comfortable lives in the city.



Effects of the Industrial Revolution:

  1. It gave many people jobs because they needed not many but a few people to operate the machines, sadly it also took away many jobs since the factories were making them instead and they only needed a handful of people.
  2. It caused pollution because of the amount coal that must be burned in order to heat the water for steam which powered the animals.
  3. It gave a reason for cities to be built since many of the workers needed to live close to the factories in order to prevent exhaustion because they all lived in rural areas and farmlands which were far away.
  4. It made life easier by making a variety of products and objects.
  5. the working conditions were very poor because of the way the factories were not sanitised, over-crowded, and not good ventilation.
  6. the Industrial Revolution made trade which connected countries in order for them to communicate and share products, inventions and cultural facts, this is an important part because of the knowledge shared and connected development of each country.
  7. Over time the salaries of each worker increased and many soon became rich and led comfortable lives. Though owners of the factories were very rich from the beginning.
  8. They hired children, woman and men and put them in dangerous environment. This caused a vast amount of sickness
  9. They established schools which allowed education to spread since children were in no need in the farm because their mother or father were working in a factory.
  10. It caused political leaders to rise because of the need of leaders to oversee and balance each job and economy.
  11. Transportation rose and made traveling easier.
  12. Medicine and other remedies were identified which made healing and curing sickness and other unfortunate phenomena to be overcome.
  13. Law had to be abided by all workers and members of a facility or community and does who disrespected the government now had to be fined.
  14. Domestic Animals became more common in urban and rural areas though cities could not support them because of living conditions and pollution as well as distracting noise.
  15. Coal and other fossil fuels became more reliable and required for those in need of it for machines and other products.
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Student LED Conference

  1. ATL skill #1:

Collaboration; I demonstrate this skill in all group project by assigning roles, agreeing with each other and                                                                   organising ourselves in order to be effective in our studies.

Classes in which I use this skill: I&S, Math, Science, P.E etc.

Links: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GJsk6nF586OGmfRATkJQ83_5EmHEcGWb8iDfhwbHZ0c/edit


  1. ATL skill #2:

Information Literacy; My research skills have grown better ever since Ms.Katy thought how to find info easily and effectively, I have been able to get better information since.

Classes in which I use this skill: I&S, Science

Links: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gi0F5bbRv8BsuAStHj6JB6J1oDiSDn4Lg-L-7GgOUJU/edithttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1F0DF9dZjJZgpjZMY1SP1ZcBGbACybSslXu2eb5axHsI/edit


  1. ATL skill #3:

Creative Thinking; I use creative thinking in classes like Maths, Science and other subjects in which it is essential.

Classes in which I use this skill: Every subject

Links: All projects and assignments


  1. ATL skill #4:

Media Literacy; I need to improve in media literacy because to earn and get info from social media is very useful for it is worldwide.

Classes in which I need to use this skill: I&S, Science, Math


  1. ATL skill #5:

Self and Peer Motivation; I sort of got this ATL skill at hand for in case we need a push in order to have good scores and I also self motivate myself sometimes which would either be successful or not that successful.

Classes in which I use this skill: PE, design, Art, academics, Math, Science.



  • One of my goals is to push and get more than 5 and 6 and maybe even 7.
  • Another one of my goals is to have a better understanding in maths and the different techniques.
  • Another of my goals is to be good in the physical part of physical education.



  • Math
  • Science
  • Individuals & Societies
  • French
  • English
  • Design
  • Visual Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Music
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Science Pig Eye Dissection

Here is the Video:


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Science mining with mobiles presentation

Here is my research sheet:


MY Video:





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I&S Vines


Middle ages:movie-on-11-10-16-at-12-18-pm

Black Death: movie-on-11-10-16-at-12-20-pm

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Music silent night composition

1st-Movie on 5-11-16 at 11.34 AM

2nd-Movie on 5-11-16 at 11.26 AM

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Dragon Days reflection


Designing our project was… Pretty fun, we interacted and listened to each other.
Reasons I liked working with my group Everyone was ready to listen to my Ideas and they took them to account.
ATL skills that I used well I communicated with them and also used some critical thinking.
Great moments along the way When we wanted to use PET bottle caps for our ending we dropped a lot of them and they were scattered all over the place

And we had to pick them up.

One thing I learned from another group I am Amazing, I am Handsome, I am myself.
Next time, I will Learn to just have fun and accept my group.
Something awesome that I contributed I made a really funny looking litter bug which I am sure people loved.


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