Dragon Days


Designing our project was… I thought that designing our project was really fun and interesting. We thought of unique ideas to solve problems in competitive sports.
Reasons I liked working with my group I liked working in my group because even though we did a lot of work we still had fun along the way and finished.
ATL skills that I used well I thought that I used creative thinking as a good skill. I thought of ideas we could show the positives and negatives of competitive sports in creative ways.
Great moments along the way I got to play soccer in and have fun doing the videos for our project.
One thing I learned from another group 1 thing that I learned from another group in this project was to communicate in other ways. People made plans and scripts of what they would say or do in videos and other things.  
Next time, I will Next time I will try new things with the group because i learned new things for this project.
Something awesome that I contributed I contributed the idea of making parts of the video and thought of making the way the people reacting to me in the soccer video.

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