Eyeball Dissection

Eyeball Dissection

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  1. Yestin at |

    Andre, I loved your video, I especially found the music funny because the name was about eyes. I think that you did a great job on showing the whole process of dissecting, and showing how tough it was, but you could have maybe been a bit more specific with the labels, as a few of them did not have arrows to the part. I think that all in all though, you have done a great job on showing everything, and not cutting out anything, also you have done an outstanding job on making sure that all the parts were included.

  2. Connor at |

    Two Stars and 1 Wish
    I really liked how you labeled what parts of the eye you had found. I also liked when you sped up the parts of cutting into the eyeball. But I think you could have given a description of what you were doing in the video on this blog post

  3. 22sahoom at |

    I like how you had clear images
    I like how you labelled the eye parts
    I also liked how you labelled what you were doing

    You could change the song
    You could maybe have different angles of the eye parts


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