Chicken Wing Dissection Lab

In science class, we dissected a chicken wing. We were supposed to find and identify different components of the bones and muscle networks. It was interesting.

When I extended the chicken wings arm, I noticed that the biceps extended while the triceps contracts. Also, when you pull on the tendon (tough material that connects muscle to bone) from the bicep to radius, the wing extends. The chicken wing works by having the tendons connect the muscle to bone together. While the ligaments connect bones to other bones. There is a substance called cartilage that covers the bone to prevent friction.

I was surprised by how many similarities the chicken wing had to our arms. Both the wings and arms have humerus, ulna, and radius. It also bends in a similar way than the human arm. They also both have the same joints in the elbow and shoulder. These are the hinge joints and ball and socket joints. However, there are still differences in the wing and our arm. The chicken wing had tougher and more skin as they have feathers. The human has hands and fingers while the chicken only has a small claw.



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