Grade 7

Communication Skills

I have shown communication skills through works in Science. The idea of communication these communication skills is to convey  or share your own ideas or feelings effectively making it easy to understand for the other person. I think I did a good own expressing how I feel and how we can help on the problems in mining minerals in Congo and other parts of the world. Here is the example of my work.

Creative Thinking Skills

I have shown these thinking skills through works in Visual Arts and Design. Being creative is to use your imagination to create something new. This is important because it can connect to other areas in life like in writing, science, or engineering. I have demonstrated creative thinking in my new design of Dora trying to make her look ‘cooler’ and look older and more mature. I also showed this skill in my final drawing in art. These are examples of my work:

New Dora Design

My City By: Andre Moriel

Research Skills

I have shown research skills through works in I&S. Within these research skills I showed good of information literacy. I had to do a lot of research and that was accurate and I had to cite my sources. This means that I know how to find reliable research, understand it clearly, and use the information effectively for the topic. These skills have improved throughout the whole year and are shown in my research sheets for projects like the Empire timeline, colonisation of Hong Kong, and the Renaissance Comic Book. As a new student and a learner this inspires me to learn better ways to research and have new ideas to this topic to not one use them in school, but have a great understanding of this in the future where I can also teach these skills.

Here are the links of the research:

Colobortion Skills

I have shown social skills through works in PE. Having good collaboration skills means to cooperate well willingly with others and  be able to work together properly. I showed this in the dance unit in PE class while Misal and I made our dance to the song ‘Good Feeling’. We worked well together and explained our ideas to make our own dance moves while also having fun. Another way we really showed this skill was in the dressing up part. Since I am a huge fan of Barcelona and Misal is a fan a there rival team, Real Madrid, we had to cooperate well with each other and not argue of what to wear. Therefore, we decided to combine both teams into a fun outfit to dance in. Here is the link to our dance.

Self Management Skills

I need to improve in my self management skills through works in all my classes. Self management skills include self-control and self-monitoring and being able to stay focused while doing work affectively. In self management, there comes time management, organisation, and affective skills. I can improve this in all of my classes to be able to get work done in time and not doing work at the last minute. (for example I’m doing this blog post at the last minute;)  For example i sometimes turn in work late or I end up having a lot of homework because I do to stay focused throughout the entire class. In the algebra unit, we worked on our self management skills and organisation skills but I had a hard time doing this. The results showed up when we had the algebra test on expressions and equations. I wasn’t really happy with my grades.







  1. Keep my schedule organised
  2. Using time more effectively  in class
  3. Prepare for future tests
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