Science Super Food

People need Acai fruit to obtain energy, lipid, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and sugar. There are a 210 grams of energy inside 40 grams of Acai. Also, there are 12 grams of healthy fat inside of the fruit as well. Next, there are 2 grams of protein in it. Then, there are 24 grams of carbohydrates in it as well. Finally, there are 3 grams of fiber and 19 grams of sugar in it. You can also get Vitamin A and C from this.

Another food that seems healthy are apples. If you eat one apple you would get 24 grams of energy, no fat, no protein, 6.67 grams of carbohydrates, 0.4 grams of fiber, and 5.33 grams of sugar. Also you would get no vitamins from apples. You would need to eat 313.59 grams of apples to get the same amount of energy as the Acai. 144 grams of apples to get the same amount of carbohydrates. Also, you would need to eat 275.62 grams of apples to get the same amount of fiber. Finally, you would need to have 142.57 grams of apples to get the same amount of sugar. This will cost way more money, than the amount Acai you would only need to buy.

The super food label affects money because all of the people want to buy food that are labeled super because they think that it is very good for them. They buy the food because they try to get nutrients, but if it is not true, then the company is just scamming the people. Still, if the food is good for you, but if it is not labeled, then no one will know if it is good for them or not and they would not buy it as much.

I think that they are both as important to eat because if you eat too much super foods, than you would be have too much nutrients, but if you eat only normal food, then you would not get as much nutrients as you need. I think that you need to have a balanced diet because you always need to have a healthy body and not too fat.

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Henry Jones is a doctor during the industrial Revolution. He thinks that children should be working the way they currently are right now. Every Morning he walks around the town admiring how the children are working at the factories and that they are healthy. He always feels like they are doing their best and are happy because they are always smiling. He went to ask the factories if their children are healthy and happy, they said that their children have become healthier as time past from the first time they came here. He also asked couple of children if they are healthy, they said that they are happy and healthy. They also said that they are getting stronger and powerful even when they are very young.


In the factories that use child labour, they are always happy about their health conditions and having friends with them. In the factories, they serve balanced meals like meat, vegetables, bread, water, and sometimes fish. The children get three meals a day and get rests at every meal. They become healthier from when they first come because of the better food. They also get stronger because they move heavy things when they are young. When they grow up, they become stronger than usual and also they can get different jobs because they are healthy, strong, and happy. Even the factory owners in real life said they were generally healthy. Child labour are good for these kind of aspects in society and for children.

PE Reflection

In PE, we did a volleyball unit where we learned how to play volleyball. Next we had a dance unit where we chose a song and dance where we made a part of it so that we don’t copy completely from the dance. Right now we are on a unit about basketball which I personally don’t really like because I don’t really like basketball generally. I am hoping to start enjoying basketball soon.

Japanese Reflection

In Japanese, we are reading a story called Yamanashi. It is about a crab family talking about a legendary thing that used to be on earth. We also did the word checking where we find the meaning of a word and writing a example using the meaning of the word. We also drew a picture of the legendary thing that we thought what it was.

Drama Reflection

In this unit we learned about puppets and how to control them and make them look realistic. I learned that puppets need to have eyes and this is the main part of puppets. I also learned that when you want to show that puppets are speaking, they you need to push out the words. Puppets are very fun because you can do anythings you want with them. When you have a puppet that requires more than one person to operate it, you need to synchronise every part of the body or else the whole puppet looks unrealistic.

Science reflection

In science we are learning about waves right now. We learned about transverse waves and longitudinal waves. We also learned about eye parts and ear parts. I knew these things from last year, but I forgot it so this was a very good review. I also enjoyed it a lot which was good for me.

Music Reflection

In music I played the christmas song called jingle bells boogie. I was able to perform this piece in assembly. Now we are learning about the blues. We learned that they made their songs when they wanted to show how they felt and when they communicated.

Design Reflection

In design we made a new design for mascots with bad reputation. Some of my friends did Ronald Macdonald. I did the mascot for Burger King. I chose this mascot because he only had one expression that looked like he was going to kill someone any second. I made it so that he looks like a burger and so that it is cute. I learned that to make my design more friendly I should put a smile on the face. I also learned that these kinds of mascots need  to be round because it will not make it creepy.

Humanities Reflection

In humanities we learned about renaissance people and how they affected the world. I researched about Issac Newton. I made a comic of what Newton did with during his life. We also learned about how countries that gain control of other countries affected them. I researched about how Britain and Hong kong affected each other.

Math Unit Reflection

In this unit in math we concentrated in the pythagorus’s theorem. We learned how to find the hypothenuse of a right triangle. We learned the equation a^2+b^2=c^2. It wasn’t that complicated for me because I had already learned it at my house. It was a very good review for what I did and I also enjoyed it.