Art Self portrait reflection

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.40.17 AM59718a8b-06e8-4c2e-854d-6161fb555c05value, contrast, gradation, realistic, highlight, shadow, three-dimensional, observation


Paragraph 1 – I learned how to graduate by using the blending stump and some tissue. In the early stages of art class, I learned how to graduate well by using a blending stump. Using this, I learned how to make my face realistic by using shadows and highlights. Also, I used values to make my face three-dimensional. With friends sometimes observing my self-portrait, I was able to improve parts of my portrait.

Paragraph 2 – While I was graduating my face, I noticed that I erased too much and the dark side of my face was too light. After I made the side of my face darker, I started on my hair, but the sides of my hair were flat, so I used a 2B pencil to make it pointy. A second problem was that my shadows were too light. I had to make the sides of the shadow lighter and the shadow darker.

Paragraph 3 – My self-portrait sort of represents me because even when I am happy, I don’t smile (except for when I laugh). Also, it represents me because I do have an oval shaped face. Also, my dad said that the self-portrait looked like my American grandpa when he was young. It sort of doesn’t represent me because it am not always angry like it looks like on my self-portrait.

Paragraph 4 – I could improve my communication skills by saying to people how they can improve. Also, for collaborating I think that I could have been a little more specific at explaining clearly where the other person should improve. I think I did well on self-management skills because I think I organized everything out well. For organization, I think I did well because I organized myself to be done by the due date.