Drama offer and accept

  1. Improvisation is creating a work or piece at that moment without any preparation. It is often in the arts like Dance, Drama, Music, and Visual Art. Also improvisation is creating an acted scene on the spot without any rehearsal usually from an idea or suggestion or a scenario from the audience. Improvisation relies on the actors following the formula of Offer + Accept= Scene. In other words, an actor who offers an idea to another should accept that and use it in the scene.
  2. Making offers is important in improvisation because it moves the scene on. Accepting offers is important in improvisation because it makes it clear for the audience. An actor should always name what they are talking about in a scene. They should never use the word it.Listening is important because it shows that you know what is going on. Also the audience would know what character you are. Stakes are important in improvisation because it makes the audience know who or what you are acting to be. If you start cracking up, the audience would not know what you are acting to be.
  3. I accepted by not saying no to when Mikey was saying lets go canoeing. Also I accepted him saying we should run away from the cobra. I was not able to pretend to be a real character because I laughed in some parts and I also could not do my role seriously.
  4. I could have improved by actually getting into the scene because I laughed in the middle of my act. I could do this by not smiling when there is a serious scene or not cracking up when I am singing. Also, I should turn around and look at the audience by not showing my back to people.