Movie Trailer Reflection

1. My best skill was Human Drama because I was able to exaggerate my lines by emphasizing places and also sounding happy and scared at the right moments.

2. I should improve on no plot spoilers because in the middle of the trailer, we kind of spoiled what will happen by giving hints.
3. I would rate my movie trailer as a 5 out of 8 because it had too much dialogue and it gave away the story.
Choose another trailer which appealed to you, and answer this question focussing on the key aspect that was appealing:
3. Another movie trailer which was captivating was Jun’s groups trailer because it was very attracting with little dialogue. The music and sound effects were interesting and it matched with the scenario.

Drama presentation speech reflection


The Best Things about My Speech
Embed your video in a blog entry and comment on the following, taking into consideration the three areas of delivery –
modulation (volume, pitch, pace, pause, projection, emphasis and inflection); physicality (posture, gesture, facial expression; use of palm card); and content (structure, information, relevance to topic) – you may not need to comment
on all of these areas. Answer these questions:
1. My best skill was projection because I was able to talk loudly and clearly. Also I think I was able to keep my pace steady by pausing where there were periods or commas.
2. I should improve on information because when I spoke my speech was too short so I had to add more to the middle. Also, I think I should improve on taking risks so that I can emphasise where it is dramatic, exciting, sad, or happy. When I was speaking, I was all monotone because I was very shy.
3. I would rate my speech as 5 out of 8 because I was not able to emphasise well and my speech was too short for because it was about one minute and twenty seconds long.
Choose another student’s video which appealed to you, embed it also and answer this question focussing on the key aspect that was appealing:

3. Another speech which was captivating was Rob’s speech because he emphasised a lot by laughing where there were funny things and slowing down at sand parts. He also looked at everybody and projected his voice well. He didn’t have any mistakes and was able to say everything in a steady and easy to understand pace. He did not fidget with his hands at all while he was giving his presentation.

Illuminati Star Wars

In English class we started a film making unit. We had to take shots with different angles and distance. We were in a small groups, and I was with Regev and Nelly. We took a lot of photos with different angles and difference. Finally we picked our best shots. I was filming and Regev and Nelly was acting. I learned that all the movies use all of these types of shots.


This is a extreme close up shot.


This is a point of view shot.


This is a long shot.