Art Reflection

PARAGRAPH 1. Explain the subject of your painting.

  • Who is the subject? Why did you choose this person? Why are they important to you?
  • What did you express about this person? (example: their personality? something they like or are interested in? something they did or achieved? their feelings or emotion?) BE SPECIFIC.

My subject is Mikey. I chose Mikey because I have known him for nine years since we first met in ELC. He is important to me because he is very nice to me and helps me sometimes when I am not sure what I should do on my class assignments. I tried to show what Mikey likes through my painting. I showed that he likes horses and Garfield. I chose horses because they are Mikey’s favourite animal. He also likes horseback riding. I chose Garfield because it is Mikey’s favourite cartoon character. Mikey likes Garfield because he is very funny.


PARAGRAPH 2. Explain how you communicated your ideas.

  • Which 2 or 3 pictorial elements did you use to express your ideas? Describe each one in detail. What does each of these elements express about your subject? BE SPECIFIC.
  • What artist or movement or style influenced you? How did you use this influence in your painting.GIVE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES.

I focused on Colour and Objects. For colour, I focused on the background, the horse’s colour, and Mikey’s facial colour (white, black, skin colour, etc). I focused on these elements because if the background colour is white, it would mean that Mikey is always happy. If it was black, it would mean that he is always sad and gloomy. I chose blue because he is usually bright and happy, but sometimes sleepy. For the horse, I focused on its colour because Mikey’s favourite horse’s colour is brown. I chose skin colour for Mikey’s facial colour because Mikey is usually happy, so I showed him as being bright. For objects, I focused on what was around Mikey and in what kind of position. I put Garfield under the horse to show that Mikey likes horses more than Garfield. Also, I put Mikey in front of the horse to show that he likes to be with horses and knows that he shouldn’t go behind the horse. I was influenced by the cartoonist Jim Davis’ Garfield. I was influenced by his three character structure, Jon, Garfield, and Odie. In my painting I used Mikey as Jon, Garfield, and the horse as Odie.

Economic Plan


Research Question How can I get enough money to get a present for my mom?
Why this is my question I chose this question because I do not have enough money to get my mom a present for her birthday. I sometimes get her presents for my mom on special occasions, but on her birthday, I get her a very special presents such as a big pack of Godiva chocolate, or one time I shared money with my dad and got her a diamond necklace.
What do I need to do?

What is my PLAN?

(Use a sequencing BrainFrame for this!)

     Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.10.38 PM
Collecting Information Milk chocolate gift box classic                                   3,956 yen

Milk Chocolate Truffle Lover’s Gift Set                      6,374 yen

Milk Chocolate Gift Box – Spring Ribbon                   3,956 yen

Decision time I will buy the chocolate gift box classic because it is one of the cheapest out of the three chocolate and I know my mom likes different types of milk chocolates. Also the shop is very close to my house. It is only takes about couple of minutes to get there. Also the price of the chocolate is worth the money.

I am going to do this because I always get things from my mom, but never give her anything. I also give her somethings at mothers day or at her birthday, but I never gave her anything. This is why I want to do this. Another reason I want to do this is because I like buying things and picking what I like to do.