Music 12 chord blues reflection

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This task was to play the blues scale with both hands. First we played it with both hands while playing whole notes on our left hand because this was practice of getting used to the feeling of the notes. Next we played the song with both hands while playing three notes in each measure with our left hand. Finally we played the blues chord with a energetic type of tempo.

Blues came from the old American times when there was slavery and the people made the music to communicate to each other. The people made their own way of the scale which eventually became as the blues scale and this scale is sometimes depressing or energetic. The rhythm in the song usually is story like and sometimes a little like jazz.

I could have done better by playing the piece in a steady tempo, right rhythm, and appropriate tone, so that it sounds like a blues piece which has emotion in it. I should have played the piece with more energy and some parts should have been played as piano, not forte, so that it sounds a little more like jazz. Also, I could have played more smoothly because in the third piece, I stopped a few times.

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