Reflection for Poverty Disscussion

For this unit, I represented the United States of America. We had to choose ways to eradicate poverty. I chose to let the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) to expire and let free trades to go on without any restrictions. My country is a wealthy country because we have a lot of trades going on. After the debate, I still think that this is a good idea. I know that other countries need money to fix there country because of some damages and need money help part of their population to grow out of poverty but letting MEDC give 1% of their GDP to LEDC will probably make a lot of conflict between countries. This is because some MEDCs might complain about how they need to give money and some LEDCs might complain that they need to get help from other countries. But I think that by letting the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) expire and let free trades to go on without any restrictions most LEDCs will learn how to make there GDP grow by free trade and it might be the safest way to eradicate poverty. Therefore I think that choosing the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) expire and let free trades to go on without any restrictions will help decrease the poverty from many countries.

Chicken Wing Disection


There are muscles called tricep and a bicep, tricep contracts when you extend your arm and your bicep relaxes. When you pull your lower arm up your bicep contracts and your tricep relaxes.



the chicken wing has hinge joints on the elbow like human elbows. In this video, you can see how the tricep contracts when we stretch it and the bicep contracts when we pull the upper arm and lower arm together.—>IMG_0054-2mhnxhk


The chicken wing is very similar to the human arm because they have joints and ball sockets too. There is a ball socket in the shoulder so that humans and chickens can have a full motion in their arm. On the elbow, there are hinge joints that work like a door. It looks like you have a ball socket from the outside of the elbow because it looks like you can move it in a circle but you can move it in a circle because there is a ball socket in the shoulder.


superfood: Is Carob a Superfood?

What is Carob?
Carob comes from a pod of a tree of the same name, which is native to the Mediterranean. The ripe pods contain a sweet pulp that is dried, roasted, and then ground into a powder. That powder is called carob powder and is sold as is or made into chocolate-like chips.

Both the powder and chips are similar to cocoa powder and chocolate chips in color, but their flavor is unique. Carob is less bitter than chocolate and has a roasted, naturally sweet flavor (carob chips aren’t made with added sugar for this reason). Carob also happens to be caffeine-free and high in fiber.

why we call it a superfood?
I am going to talk about 3 nutrients that carob Chips have. Before I tell you how much Protein and Fibre and Sodium there is in carob chips I will tell you how important Protein and Fibre and Sodium is. Hair and nails are mostly made of protein, Protein helps us build and repair tissues. Fiber supports us digests food. Sodium is a mineral that is required for maintaining blood pressure and a normal fluid balance in the body and transmitting nerve impulses. That’s why eating foods with Protein and Fibre and Sodium in it are important. Now I will tell you how much Carobs chips have Protein and Fibre and Sodium. In Carob Chips there is 13.33g of protein in each 100g. It also has 13.3 of Fibre and 333mg of Sodium in each 100g. People say that Carob Chips has a lot of Fibre and Sodium but let’s compare it with a non-superfood. In Dark chocolate, there is 7.50g of protein in each 100g. It also has 12.5g of Fibre in each 100g and 50mg of Sodium.

I think this shows the reason people call it a superfood because it has a lot of Protein and Fibre and sodium. Those are some nutrients that we need (there are other nutrients that we need in our body but these are just some), it is important that we take enough of them. In a day we need 50g of protein, 25g of Fibre and 2,400mg of Sodium. I think you should eat Carobs and other foods (that are not superfood) with it because you can’t have too much of it but still can get good nutrient with it.

Other foods that can you can get the same nutrients from
Like I said earlier there is 13.33g of Protein in Carob Chips but if you eat 100g of almonds there is 26.67g of Protein and that is a lot more, of course, you don’t have to eat 100g of almonds to get all the protein it is just that you can get a lot more. In Carob ships there are a lot of sodium too like I said earlier. In Carob chips, there is 333mg of Sodium but you can get more sodium from Cottage Cheese. There is 409mg of sodium in Cottage cheese and that is a lot more than 333mg of sodium in carob chips. For Fibre I couldn’t find any foods that have more fiber in it than Carob chips and so I think Carob chips wins on that one. But you can still get more Protein and sodium from Almonds and Cottage cheese.

There are some things to be careful of when you eat carob Chips. Don’t eat too much Carobs Chips because in a 100g there is 23.33g of fat and in Dark chocolate, there is 12.50g. Earlier I said it is a good idea to eat Carob then Dark chocolate but you shouldn’t eat too much because there is a lot of fat. 

Problems there might be because it is called a “superfood”
People might think “this is a superfood so if I eat a lot of this then I will be healthy” but If you eat too much of the carob chips it isn’t that healthy because just because you eat a lot of sodium or fiber it doesn’t mean you will instantly become healthy.

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What is in your iPhone 5

In an iPhone 5, there are these elements, Gold ore, copper, tin, platinum, silver, nickel, magnesium, lithium.  You’ll find the nickel in the phone’s microphone, tin and lead at the solder points, and silicon in its microchips. aluminum or magnesium alloys making up your phone’s housing. here’s plenty of copper, gold, and silver in the wiring. Silver makes the iPhone vibrate. Lithium batteries. there’s plenty of copper, gold, and silver in the wiring. Silver makes the iPhone vibrate. Lithium batteries.

The platinum comes from south African bushveld, South Africa. The gold ore comes from the Yanacocha Rock, Peru. The silver comes from the Cannington Rock, Australia. The copper comes from the Escondida Rock, Chile. “At the moment, there are no really good environmentally friendly methods available to mine and to recycle rare earth,” according to Swedish University of Technology prof Christian Ekberg. less than one percent of the precious rare earth used in today’s phones are recycled — even though we appear to be running out of good sources for these vital materials.

Mixing water or other contaminants with molten aluminum can cause explosions. Molten Aluminum is typically handled at 1300-1450 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid premature solidification. Explosions can also occur in the aluminum scrap remelting process due to moisture and contamination in scrap.

Local environmental activists have claimed that mining operations, which use large quantities of a dilute Cyanide solution, have contaminated the water sources, leading to the disappearance of fish and frogs, illnesses among cattle, air pollution, and loss of medicinal plants. An environmental audit by the Colombian consultancy firm Investec S.A. (Ingenieros Consultores: Auditoría Ambiental y Evaluaciones Ambientales de las Operaciones de la Minera Yanacocha en Cajamarca – Perú 2003) found some water contamination above permitted levels and recommended improvements to Yanacocha’s environmental management practices.





Empire Unit Reflection

Backward-Looking: Have you done a similar kind of work in the past?

Yes, in 6th grade I researched different countries for several I&S units and, for one unit I researched about Egypt. I didn’t complete that research sheet because I wasn’t good at finding helpful information and relevant sites. I didn’t really understand the unit and what I should be looking for and that is why my research sheet was incomplete and not very detailed. Research of Egypt

Inward-Looking: What did/do you find frustrating about it?

The countries Louis and I researched, The Netherlands and Indonesia, were hard to find information about and that was really frustrating because we got close to the deadline and we were only halfway through and other groups were almost finished. When we were 2-3 days away from the deadline we would get off topic, procrastinate, or try to make the assessment perfect when it was already okay and we could move on to the next slide or script. Louis and I didn’t really plan much including what should be done by the end of class, and I think we were not communicating well about where we were on the research sheet. That bad communication affected how much we could get done because we didn’t know what the other person was doing. Ami and Louis Research Sheet

Outward-Looking: Did you do your work the way other people did theirs?

The way other partners did their work was that they would talk to each other and decide how they would work but Louis and I just went in and didn’t plan at all. The way I did my work was to do it little by little and to edit it after I was done but I think that Louis’ thinking was different than mine because the things he was doing and saying didn’t really make sense to me. I felt very confused.

Forward-Looking: One thing I would like to improve upon is …

If people see my work or see how much time it takes me, they might think that I should work on my time management, look for good information, find related information, find good pictures, organise where I keep my information and keep on task. Out of all of those possible improvements, I think I should work on my time management, finding good information and being more organised. When I don’t find good information, it takes up more of my time and I can’t be very organised because then I get confused. I think that if I find more keywords or ask questions of my partner or teacher I probably can do a better job and won’t get as confused.

Expeditions Reflection 2016

Expeditions was fun because we did night hike, mountain biking, star watch, hiking, etc. Even though hiking was hard it was still a little fun. The night hike and the star watching was very fun because it was beautiful. The most fun thing about the expedition was being with my friends in the same room because it was lie a sleep over but we had some little fights. I think I tried being positive but sometimes I forgot to. I think that I did well doing activities with my groups as a community. The challenges I faced was that it was very hard to keep moving when we did the hike because I hate walking and running especially if it is a long distance. It was hard to bike so I didn’t do mountain biking. I learned that sometimes you have to be really aware to hear other peoples ideas or what they are saying. I learned that even if there are people that you don’t really know or like you still have to be as a community and communicate and you might even get closer. I grew by being as a community and learning how to work as a group and personally sometimes, that helped me grew. I also learned how to achieve my goals and achieve challenges. We call this a expedition because expe

I&S Zoo Building Game Review

In I&S we had to play a game called Zoo Building Game. In the game we start by having space to build our zoo but we had some money to start with then we buy things like a ice cream shop or an animal space. There were 15 levels and each level you go to gets higher each time and the levels will get harder to achieve. When I was playing level 9 it was hard to achieve for me because I had to build a monkey forest and upgrade it till 3 in 5 days and earn 5000. It was hard because I didn’t know how to make my monkey forest t level 3 before the day 5, but I tried different ways then I figured out that I just have to keep the money till day 4 that I made then use it because that means I earned 5000 and I could upgrade my monkey forest to level 3. I learned in this game that it is very hard to own a zoo and get enough money to feed animals and etc. I learned that building a zoo bigger each time is hard because the balance of the money can get unbalanced and that can effect on how much money you need each day. I found out that sometimes saving up some money can help a lot for the future on what you have to buy and pay for. In this game it is more easy then the real life because a lot of people come each day but in real life I don’t think a lot of people come each day and that makes it hard. Sometimes you have to make sure you have enough money and make sure that it is balanced to how much you have to pay to make the zoo bigger and how much you should keep etc. I also learned that some animal space or animal can be more expensive then others. I learned that you have shops and animal spaces to make money especially the shops because everybody goes there to get a memory of going to the zoo so that can help make more money and build the zoo bigger.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.14.02 PM


Art Critique 3

I chose to draw Airi because she is one of my best friends and she has two sides dark and bright. This person is important to me because we went through a lot together and she helps me with life and i help her back with life. Also because we were together for 4 years and we can understand each other. I expressed that Airi used to life together but now far and also that we sometimes have a wall because of some fights but that makes of bond more together. I drew I Cliff  because sometimes life gets stressful and just hard so we feel sometimes sad but we held each other that is why I drew a cliff.

In the portrait I drew a heart in the middle with roots on the have and sparks on the other side because we have a strong bond but sometimes not good situation. I also used a wall to show the troubles we have sometimes and painted a Cliff because sometimes life gets stressful and just hard so we feel sometimes sad but we held each other that is why I drew a cliff. The artists that influenced me is Paul Signac and an unknown, the type of painting that influenced me was a pointillism and fauvism.

Economy Summer Plan

Part 1:

How much money can i make in 5 weeks in the summer by massaging, helping and allowance. This is an important question because then I will know how much I make in the summer and will know if I can get enough money to buy a thank you gift to my mom and dad.

Part 2:

If I save money then I can use it next time when I go there again.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.10.24 PM




Part 3:

I will be using dollars and cents in San Francisco to buy my parents gifts.

To get money I am going to massage people like my aunts to get money, I will get allowance from my aunts and grandma/grandpa I will also help people that need help cleaning, work etc..

By doing this I will be losing time and some fun but will get happiness from my parents and will be happy that I did this after.

I will do it because I want to give my parents a than you gift because they did so much to me and support me in life.