What am I?

magic bomb

powder power

dazzling sparkle

soft breeze

spreading potion

This is a riddle, please try and guess what the title or the main idea is. Write what you think the answer is down below ( in the comment )

Thank you! ^-^

My Goals

my goal was to be better at math and i am doing well with some help.

My other goal was to be more organised and keep my locker clean. My locker is clean because i don’t use it that much, I only putt my lunch box and my snack in my locker. How I also be organised is by making sure I putt my books and my computer ¬†in the right place, I putt my books on my coach and I putt my computer near my plug and charge it.

Reflection on Camp

I was principled when. I help the group out, when every body was everybody was fighting about who is sleeping in the middle i help the group out by saying i will sleep in the end. Then other people started to say i will sleep at the end to. I was principled when I listened to the instructions carefully. I was a risk taker when i tried new things out like climbing or new foods.