Tsuchi Ningyo Three Focus Areas

• i am mostly working on page 3 line 3 measure 1 and measure 3, i am not good at the part, which i have to suddenly switch to 10-5-6 because it is hard for me to find the string. line 4 measure3 and 4, line 4 measure 1 – 3 – 4  because of the sha ten and sha sha ten is kind of hard,i is hard for me because i a not fast at moving my hand to the next string so i will make and weird sound while i will play the sha-sha-ten. i am also working on page 6 line 1, i am not good at the part which i have to do the pg.5 line 5 measure 4 then quickly play the pg.6 line 1. the part that has the 1-5 and 2-6, i will work on, To be more good at it i will practice and try the parts that sounds not right, i will also get suggestions from my friends or jst someone that is in the koto class and think about what i should improve on it but listening to what i played (i will record then check).