Improv Tournament Reflection

In the Improv Tournament I observed¬†what Koumae did then made the sounds that matched with her actions. For example, when she took a selfie with Pia I said, ‘Lets take a selfie” so that it looked more like they took a selfie. In one part of the video I said, ¬†“No, no, you can’t” and that made her move to Pia so that Koumae could act as if she were helping Pia by not making her walk on the rope. in the performance I said hi too much and that didn’t really change the activity that everybody was doing so I should have said other things instead of hi. I could also have made it more like what people would say when they do their tricks on the rope. I could have thought more about what I could say. These skills could help me in a performance like when I need to say something or make a sound I can think of different types of sounds and things to say that can go with what I am doing so that the audience can understand more about what I am performing and doing.