Drama Movie Trailer Reflection

1.My best skill

My best skill was that I communicated with my group about what we would say. In my group we made sure we knew what our character felt so that we would know what pitch and speed we should use in our sentences and I think I did well in that because, in the part that I say “WE NEED TO GET HELP” I said it in a way that you would know that the character is rushing or shouting. I also did well helping people on what to say next and trying to make it easier for them to say their part.

2.What I Should Improve on

I should improve on my concentration because I did concentrate but not enough and that effected my work and script making. I should have read the TSC more carefully so we knew exactly what to do, how long it should be and where we should submit our script. Because I wasn’t concentrating enough, we made some mistakes. For example, we made the trailer too short and wrote the script in the wrong place.

3.What I Would Rate myself out of 8/a trailer that appeals to me

I would rate myself a 5 out of 8 because our trailer was 36 seconds long but it had to be 1:30 in total. Also, the voices and narration were not loud enough; the music was louder than the voices and it was hard to hear.

I think the Friday the 17th movie trailer was very good because they used a lot of different peoples’ voices and was 2:03 so it was long enough. They used a lot of sound effects and spooky music to go with the feeling of the movie and I think they did very well making the trailer. I could, however, hear a lot of clicking sounds from after they stopped recording each voice and that was a problem.

4. A Different movie trailer that appeals to me

I like the Louisiana Bones trailer because they used different voices and you could tell that it was a comedy-action film because they were going on an adventure but they have funny parts in it, like one of the people ate the map. Their trailer was 58 seconds so it was shorter than it was supposed to be. I think it was a good trailer because you knew which voice went with each character. I think they did well picking music that was fast and funny, and they knew when to stop the music so that it sounded like a comedy and you would think, “Wait! What?.” They made sure they didn’t have clicking sounds in the trailer. I also think they did a good job not actually telling the listeners what the movie was about but giving them an interesting preview.

Art Unit Critique Reflection

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.02.50 PM

My Strength and Weakness

I am proud that I was thinking about how I would carve my printing plate when I drew my plan. I did a lot of prace printing so that I don’t make a mistake on my final printing. I am proud that I made the design interlock. I am proud that I also did well at printing it on to a coloured paper because there was no to much paint or . I did well carving because i didn’t make a mistake on my printing plate and did it steady so that I don’t slip. Next time I would think about good colouring choices because when I did my printing the colours didn’t match much. I would change my motif by making the flowers holes bigger so that it is more easy to carve it and will not make mistake.

Creative Thinking

Before I made my plan my motif, I imagined how it would look when I print it to make sure it looks the way I want it and if it will interlock. I also made sure that the motif will interlock by practice printing on a scrap paper and will cave a little if it look like it need a little adjustment. Those two  helped me because then I got a lot ready before the final printing and made no mistakes. I also made sure my motif had negative and positive space and was equal.

Cultural Influence

My cultural influence was these two↓

traditional-japanese-stencil-designs-29-1024 (1) islamic-designs-12-1024 (1)

First we made two motifs and one of them was influenced by the flower one and that one is a Japanese motif, the second one which is an islamic motif and I used he idea of that by making a shape in the middle of the motif that is like the islamic designs. I made sure that the edges or my motif connects so that it can create a cool shape. I also carved small flowers because I love nature so I wanted to add some of that. I carved a shape/design that I really like in the middle because it is the most important part in my motif. I made two motif designs and my final motif was equally influenced by them.

  • Did you create a unified pattern with your color plan? Is it ordered or random?
  • Is your artwork interlocking? How accurate is your interlocking?

Pattern Unity

I made a pattern by making the edges all the same so that i can have 4 shapes that are connected by the shape in the edge. First I thought using different colour should be cool but when I was printing half way through I knew that was a bad idea but I couldn’t change it because it was almost the due day. Yes it is interlocking as you can see in the picture above.


English Movie making: Angles

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 12.08.15 PM

Birds Eye View

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 12.07.31 PM

Low Angle Shot

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 12.09.22 PM

Point Of View                                                                                                 

In English class we learned about what is similar about movies and comic books. I learned that when you use different angles it will effect the scene by giving the audience different ways to look at the scene like the point of view, it lets the audience see what the character sees. I also learned that Birds eye view lets you see what the scene looks like from the top and that might make the scene look more cool or you can see something that you couldn’t see from other angles. Also The low angle shot can make everything look more big or surprising. In class we learned birds eye view, low angle shot, point of view, close up, medium shot, long shot/wide shot, extreme close up, over the shoulder shot worm’s eye view and high angle.