English Movie making: Angles

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Birds Eye View

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Low Angle Shot

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Point Of View                                                                                                 

In English class we learned about what is similar about movies and comic books. I learned that when you use different angles it will effect the scene by giving the audience different ways to look at the scene like the point of view, it lets the audience see what the character sees. I also learned that Birds eye view lets you see what the scene looks like from the top and that might make the scene look more cool or you can see something that you couldn’t see from other angles. Also The low angle shot can make everything look more big or surprising. In class we learned birds eye view, low angle shot, point of view, close up, medium shot, long shot/wide shot, extreme close up, over the shoulder shot worm’s eye view and high angle.

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  1. There’s lots of detail in your post – it’s helpful for the view to know more about the shots than just the ones you included as images. Good job, Ami.

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