Expeditions Reflection 2016

Expeditions was fun because we did night hike, mountain biking, star watch, hiking, etc. Even though hiking was hard it was still a little fun. The night hike and the star watching was very fun because it was beautiful. The most fun thing about the expedition was being with my friends in the same room because it was lie a sleep over but we had some little fights. I think I tried being positive but sometimes I forgot to. I think that I did well doing activities with my groups as a community. The challenges I faced was that it was very hard to keep moving when we did the hike because I hate walking and running especially if it is a long distance. It was hard to bike so I didn’t do mountain biking. I learned that sometimes you have to be really aware to hear other peoples ideas or what they are saying. I learned that even if there are people that you don’t really know or like you still have to be as a community and communicate and you might even get closer. I grew by being as a community and learning how to work as a group and personally sometimes, that helped me grew. I also learned how to achieve my goals and achieve challenges. We call this a expedition because expe