superfood: Is Carob a Superfood?

What is Carob?
Carob comes from a pod of a tree of the same name, which is native to the Mediterranean. The ripe pods contain a sweet pulp that is dried, roasted, and then ground into a powder. That powder is called carob powder and is sold as is or made into chocolate-like chips.

Both the powder and chips are similar to cocoa powder and chocolate chips in color, but their flavor is unique. Carob is less bitter than chocolate and has a roasted, naturally sweet flavor (carob chips aren’t made with added sugar for this reason). Carob also happens to be caffeine-free and high in fiber.

why we call it a superfood?
I am going to talk about 3 nutrients that carob Chips have. Before I tell you how much Protein and Fibre and Sodium there is in carob chips I will tell you how important Protein and Fibre and Sodium is. Hair and nails are mostly made of protein, Protein helps us build and repair tissues. Fiber supports us digests food. Sodium is a mineral that is required for maintaining blood pressure and a normal fluid balance in the body and transmitting nerve impulses. That’s why eating foods with Protein and Fibre and Sodium in it are important. Now I will tell you how much Carobs chips have Protein and Fibre and Sodium. In Carob Chips there is 13.33g of protein in each 100g. It also has 13.3 of Fibre and 333mg of Sodium in each 100g. People say that Carob Chips has a lot of Fibre and Sodium but let’s compare it with a non-superfood. In Dark chocolate, there is 7.50g of protein in each 100g. It also has 12.5g of Fibre in each 100g and 50mg of Sodium.

I think this shows the reason people call it a superfood because it has a lot of Protein and Fibre and sodium. Those are some nutrients that we need (there are other nutrients that we need in our body but these are just some), it is important that we take enough of them. In a day we need 50g of protein, 25g of Fibre and 2,400mg of Sodium. I think you should eat Carobs and other foods (that are not superfood) with it because you can’t have too much of it but still can get good nutrient with it.

Other foods that can you can get the same nutrients from
Like I said earlier there is 13.33g of Protein in Carob Chips but if you eat 100g of almonds there is 26.67g of Protein and that is a lot more, of course, you don’t have to eat 100g of almonds to get all the protein it is just that you can get a lot more. In Carob ships there are a lot of sodium too like I said earlier. In Carob chips, there is 333mg of Sodium but you can get more sodium from Cottage Cheese. There is 409mg of sodium in Cottage cheese and that is a lot more than 333mg of sodium in carob chips. For Fibre I couldn’t find any foods that have more fiber in it than Carob chips and so I think Carob chips wins on that one. But you can still get more Protein and sodium from Almonds and Cottage cheese.

There are some things to be careful of when you eat carob Chips. Don’t eat too much Carobs Chips because in a 100g there is 23.33g of fat and in Dark chocolate, there is 12.50g. Earlier I said it is a good idea to eat Carob then Dark chocolate but you shouldn’t eat too much because there is a lot of fat. 

Problems there might be because it is called a “superfood”
People might think “this is a superfood so if I eat a lot of this then I will be healthy” but If you eat too much of the carob chips it isn’t that healthy because just because you eat a lot of sodium or fiber it doesn’t mean you will instantly become healthy.

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