Art Critique 3

I chose to draw Airi because she is one of my best friends and she has two sides dark and bright. This person is important to me because we went through a lot together and she helps me with life and i help her back with life. Also because we were together for 4 years and we can understand each other. I expressed that Airi used to life together but now far and also that we sometimes have a wall because of some fights but that makes of bond more together. I drew I Cliff  because sometimes life gets stressful and just hard so we feel sometimes sad but we held each other that is why I drew a cliff.

In the portrait I drew a heart in the middle with roots on the have and sparks on the other side because we have a strong bond but sometimes not good situation. I also used a wall to show the troubles we have sometimes and painted a Cliff because sometimes life gets stressful and just hard so we feel sometimes sad but we held each other that is why I drew a cliff. The artists that influenced me is Paul Signac and an unknown, the type of painting that influenced me was a pointillism and fauvism.

Self Portrait Development

• Before i didn’t colour in my face because it felt weird to do that, and i didn’t think about values that much at first. That is why my first portrait has no skin tone. On the other hand my second portrait has values on the face, That is one skill that i developed in this unit. What I changed between the first portrait and the second portrait is that I made my eyes too small and not realistic or close to what my eyes really look like. In my second portrait I made my eyes look more closer to what it looks like. I found how to make my eyes look real, by looking at videos and practicing on my notebook in class.

• the difficulty that I had was to make my nose 3D. I solved this problem by using a blending stump and asking my friends for ideas,gradation and some advice. I chose were to put my eyes, in the right position. Because it is good to be a risk taker,  but if i really don’t know i will ask some one because it is good to make sure as well. I also had trouble making the shape of my face, so i would look at my picture then my portrait and draw the lines while looking back and forth. Then i would fix the parts that are not right (of the shape). still have to do thinking independently
• i think it makes me look depressed and scary. It makes me look like, a type of person that is always sad or angry. It doesn’t express who i really am always, the portriat looks like i am irritated.
• in class i communicate a lot so it distract me from doing my work, i want to improve it by, communicate but ask questions or answer some so i can improve on my work, instead of talking about something that will not help.
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