Empire Unit Reflection

Backward-Looking: Have you done a similar kind of work in the past?

Yes, in 6th grade I researched different countries for several I&S units and, for one unit I researched about Egypt. I didn’t complete that research sheet because I wasn’t good at finding helpful information and relevant sites. I didn’t really understand the unit and what I should be looking for and that is why my research sheet was incomplete and not very detailed. Research of Egypt

Inward-Looking: What did/do you find frustrating about it?

The countries Louis and I researched, The Netherlands and Indonesia, were hard to find information about and that was really frustrating because we got close to the deadline and we were only halfway through and other groups were almost finished. When we were 2-3 days away from the deadline we would get off topic, procrastinate, or try to make the assessment perfect when it was already okay and we could move on to the next slide or script. Louis and I didn’t really plan much including what should be done by the end of class, and I think we were not communicating well about where we were on the research sheet. That bad communication affected how much we could get done because we didn’t know what the other person was doing. Ami and Louis Research Sheet

Outward-Looking: Did you do your work the way other people did theirs?

The way other partners did their work was that they would talk to each other and decide how they would work but Louis and I just went in and didn’t plan at all. The way I did my work was to do it little by little and to edit it after I was done but I think that Louis’ thinking was different than mine because the things he was doing and saying didn’t really make sense to me. I felt very confused.

Forward-Looking: One thing I would like to improve upon is …

If people see my work or see how much time it takes me, they might think that I should work on my time management, look for good information, find related information, find good pictures, organise where I keep my information and keep on task. Out of all of those possible improvements, I think I should work on my time management, finding good information and being more organised. When I don’t find good information, it takes up more of my time and I can’t be very organised because then I get confused. I think that if I find more keywords or ask questions of my partner or teacher I probably can do a better job and won’t get as confused.