I want to be more organised by November 10th and better at math ( multiplication ).

i will know if i am doing this because i will balance out by doing my homework and sleep more so I don’t get sleepy at school. I will also try my best at┬ámultiplication.

2 thoughts on “Goals

  1. I been doing very well at being organised, I use my coach and put my books, note book, folder and i put my computer and charge it every night. I also clean my locker and put things were I can find it. I put my snack and lunch at the bottom of the net and take out my computer then put my bag.
    I have a tutor that helps me with my math and how think about how to solve things but i also, when I go home I practice and think about math. know I am getting better at sleeping and I sleep about at 9:00-9:45 I use to sleep at 11:00 but i’m better know. When I do my homework I get help from my dad, mom and sister and I finish my homework, if I don’t I finish it another day.

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