Unit 2 : Motifs and Patterns Critique/Reflection

While doing Unit 2, I had realised that I have a particular strength in making interlocking patterns, though I have a weakness of managing my time, I might just be slow at drawing, but I’d like to think that it was just me not focusing very well. If I was to do this unit once more, I would like to manage my time more wisely and to come to open studio more often. I would also would have liked to add more cultural influence to my motif and also to make the motif a little more easier to draw.

I tried using visualising an alternative possibility. If I was drawing my motif, I would often be like,
“It looks ‘pretty’ good but it could be better.” and would erase then find a better motif, Which worked out pretty well due to my motif getting better and better each time I erased and re-drawn my motif. Sometimes it would set me back but it worked quite well for me.

My cultural and personal influence did not work that great, my cultural influence was the Celtic design, where different things would overlap each other. My personal influence was the movie Inception (2010). I tried to use the scene from inception where they bended the road into going into a infinite loop, and tried to use a interlocking road pattern to have the whole, ‘never ending road pattern’ thing. I tried to make the roads overlap each other but that did not work out very great. I chose the celtic design because ou were able to make these crazy shapes and overlap them over each other. I chose Inception not only because of how good it is, but chose it because of how they use their imagination the movie. So, I thought to myself, ‘How cool would it be if I was able to make a motif based on a very crazy overlapping cultural design and a crazy movie full of imagination?

I mainly focused on the whole, interlocking concept. I used very ‘square’ shapes and no circles which may have screwed me up, I realize that I should have added a variety of shapes. I used the ruler to make sure it interlocked and sure enough, it did. It was mainly my own fault that I was not able to finish these motifs, but If I had, I would have chosen such colors as green, dark purple, black and white. Somewhat in a cross pattern. I would have chose these colors due to them being cool colors. In the next unit, I would like to focus more, come to open studio and to finish my final project.



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