Dragon Days Reflection

Designing our project was pretty hard in the beginning but as we got used to each other, we were on our way and were able to set ourselves jobs and knew what to do. We collaborated and communicated a lot, and was able to assign each other jbs and also split ourselves into twos so we could be more efficient. Though we should’ve gotten used to each other a little quicker. I think I used the ATL skill communication, because me, and my group were able to finish the poster, the Google Slides and the Form.In the end, we were able to communicate a lot and finish our poster in a 30 minute span. One thing we learned was to split our group into halves so we would be quicker and more efficient. Next time I’ll try to finish my work a little earlier so I would be able to revise and check for any grammatical errors.I contributed to the poster, which i the end was an easy way of showing people the results we got from or Google Form.