Mining for Mobiles

For this science unit we looked at elements and compounds. Our project was to identify the different elements and compounds that are used in the everyday electronics that we use in YIS.

I primarily looked at the computers that we use in YIS that come from YIS. These products are usually around 1000 USD but can cost more. The elements and compounds that are used in the computers are tin, tungsten, tantalum, gold, platinum, aluminum, copper, silver, plastic, glass. These materials are used to make batteries that last longer, vibration units, screen, and a lot of the more rare minerals are used to make things in the circuitry for example, solder which has a low melting point and can conduct electricity so this is used glue parts together and to conduct electricity at the same time. Another commonly used element in our daily electronic is aluminum as Apple uses these to create the body of the electronics.

These materials are used by many other companies to create similar products and some of the minerals come from places like the Congo where armed groups of people force people that live there to mine for these minerals. This can happen because companies exist to make profit and to make more profit they can get materials from cheaper sources, this can lead to companies buying their materials from these mines. This would also happen is there is a high demand for these products, because it would force the companies to buy more materials. To make the scene worse some of these mines forces children to mine in them. This means that the kids that are forced to work in the mines are not getting educated but they don’t receive anything for doing so. These are often shipped to Asia where they are smelted and sent to companies to create their products. You would think that the government has done something against this but the truth is that government is usually corrupt in these places and they only look forward to making money, because of this not only does the government get paid to close his eyes but the government protects these groups.

Although there is no way we can shut down the sources of these “unclean” materials, we can still take actions that can stop companies from using them which would lead to these sources making profit. We could start recycling the computers which would reduce the amount f materials that companies have to buy, but there is a problem. Some companies already does recycling but they send it to under developed countries where they have people recycling these computers for minimal wage and some of the elements/compounds are extremely toxic and can harm the people working. Although recycling doesn’t work we could instead simply raise awareness of these mines that exist and the companies that use it so that people would stop buying from the companies that use “unclean” materials. This would lead to the companies to changing their sources if they find out that their materials come from these mines, intact this has already been done several times. This would also not be too hard for people to do as many companies have become more aware of their sources and have changed them as shown in graph 1 and graph 2.


(Grey is the amount of minerals used, Blue is the amount of minerals that came from legitimate sources.)

This is thanks to other people raising awareness, this includes Apple which is one of the most known company that produces these products. I think that this could be done easily by writing about it on the YIS website as it is view a decent amount by other people.


Expedition Reflection 7W

The thing that I enjoyed about the expedition was probably the biking or the rock climbing. I think something I did well was staying organised during the expedition because I was able to keep tack of the schedule aimg_0052-x2s well as my stuff. I problem I faced was in my cabin group, we were having trouble coming up with a time that we all agreed for when sleeping and waking up.

I learned that we have to adjust to others so that we can all feel comfortable. I think that we did sort of well doing this but not too much because we were able to come up with solutions for most things but sometimes it would take time and some people disagreed with other’s ideas. I think that the expedition is a really important part of the school because it helps us get to know each other and its fun.

In my cabin group some people didn’t get along and people were arguing about who’s phone to keep for the alarm but soon we didn’t mind things we did at the beginning like letting people use their phones as an alarm or deciding when to wake up. At the end we were more flexible with our thoughts and I think that this helped us get along

Dragon Days Reflection


Designing our project was… Fun but it took a while because it took us a while to think of an idea that we could stick to.
Reasons I liked working with my group I liked working with my group because they were productive and they once we knew what we were doing we could things done pretty fast.
ATL skills that I used well I think a ATL skill I used affectively is communications because I told people what we were doing and we were also able to give everyone a job so they were doing something.
Great moments along the way I great moment I remember during the project is when we went outside to film for the video we made.
One thing I learned from another group A thing I learned from another group is that we need a topic that we can all agree on that we can stay passionate and still have fun about.
Next time, I will I think next time I’ll try to save some time by trying to give out more ideas during the brain storm because we took a long time deciding what we should do for our project.
Something awesome that I contributed Something awesome I contributed in is when we went  out to record because it was really funny recording the scenes but not getting it right over and over again.


Art Self Reflection Final Critique

For my portrait I drew my brother in a pixilated form. I chose this person because I spent a lot of time with him I still do now. He is important to me because I spend a lot of time with him and I know him well. He is also important to me because he is my family member and because I move from place to place a lot it was hard to find friends every time we moved but my brother Koki was always with me and he was kinda like my friend.

I expressed his freedom by using the unlocked handcuffs and I expressed his energy by using the bright colours and boxing glove. I also put in Minecraft blocks because he like Minecraft a lot. I think that the energetic feel from the gloves adds up well with the bright colours and the unlocked handcuffs helps as well because it shows freedom. The pixelated art style influenced me because I thought it would fit my brother’s personality very well mostly because he loves Minecraft.

Drama Audio Trailer Reflection

I was one of characters for the audio trailer and I think that we did well showing the conflict of the movie and the music fit well with the other audio. I think that my skill was speaking clearly and smoothly but I think I should improve on making my speeches sounding more realistic. I would rate our movie a 6 out of 8 because we made sure that there were no silence and showed enough content to excite the audience and did not give so much that it made the audience not want watch it.

(My Movie) The Heart of Terrorists

Another audio trailer that was appealing to me was Betrayal Action Movie because it had not much blanks and it had really good voice acting.

Betrayal Action Movie:


Movie Symbol in Jurassic World


In this scene the boy finds a broken helmet. Because helmets are the symbol of protection I think that a broken helmet like this would mean the opposite of protection. I think this is the symbol of danger or death and is telling us that the characters are in danger and is not safe.

Film Making Angles

We started a new unit in English about films and today we studied the different angles that are used in films and tried some out!


Art Motif Reflection


One of the thing that I am proud of is the balance between negative and positive space. Also I think I did well creating a pattern with the background papers for the final artwork. If I could do this project again I would make sure the motifs were more even so some parts of the motifs would not be sticking out. I would also make sure the patterns interlock more.

I think I did well using my imaginations because I was able to put together my different interests I had as well as keeping the cultural influence in a way. This helped me develop ideas that made the artwork look more interesting.

I used a Islamic style to create the cables that made up most of the artwork. The controller cables was influenced by the islamic patterns on their artwork.

I used an alternating pattern of red ink on orange paper and blue ink on green paper with a black ink on a white paper motif in the middle. I chose these colours because I thought it would be a nice pattern between a light colour pattern and a dark colour pattern with a very dark one in the middle. My patterns are kind of interlocking but because I was not paying much attention when creating it the lines were not really accurate.

Improvisation Tournament Reflection


I think I did well offering and accepting because I was able to react and act according to the speech that Eishin was making and he also did the same with my actions. I think I can improve my performance by timing my actions more according to Eishin. I can use the skills the game requires in performances by knowing what my parter means and accepting more of their offers. I think I would rate myself as an 6 because I was able to react and accept my partner’s offer which made the story keep going also I was sharing the story to the others. But I did not offer as much, I did not really name the objects and I don’t think I created a good character.