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Individual & societies blog post

What caused the industrial revolution? ‘People’ caused the industrial revolution. One person that caused the industrial revolution was Jethro Tull. He invented the seed drill which could plant three seeds at a time. Jethro Tull’s seed drill changed the agricultural… Continue Reading →

Spanish reflection

Use a metaphor and a simile to describe your learning. My learning this unit was like fans flooding into a concert. (because everything came at once and I learnt a lot) How is what you have learned relevant to other… Continue Reading →

7th Grade Show Case Portfolio

Communication: In Communication skills I feel like I’ve done well in most subjects but one subject that I need to work on my communication skills is Math. Communication skills in math is showing your work. I get the answers right… Continue Reading →

Dissecting a pig eye with Dan

Minerals in Iphones

I have researched about the Iphone. The iphone costs 500-800 dollars. In the Iphone, the biggest conflict minerals they use are the 3TG’s. Gold (AU) Tantalum (TA), Tungsten (W),Tin (SN). Gold is used to coat the wiring and it’s the… Continue Reading →

Empire reflection

I enjoyed this unit because we got to learn about different eras and empires from a long time ago. How much did you know about the subject before we started? Before the unit started, the only things I knew about… Continue Reading →

Spanish reflection: unidad 1

I think I’ve done well this unit because I’ve been studying which has helped me with all the tests. I’m happy with the grades and comments I’ve gotten. The thing ms. Hill has told me to try to work on… Continue Reading →

Spanish speaking without script

Dragon days reflection

Here is the link to my dragon days reflection

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