Drama Puppetry – Lee Randall

In drama class we had a workshop on puppetry with Lee Randall. I learned many things from him and how to use a puppet correctly so that the audience would fully believe and understand that it was alive.

I learned that the most important part of a puppet is its eyes because they draw the most focus. You need to make it move with a purpose.  The person who is in charge of this movement is the person controlling the puppet’s head because they are in control of its eyes and where it is looking. Another key thing to remember is to show exaggerated breathing or deep breaths.

In drama and other subjects we did things that helped us in this workshop. Like in P.E, we used levels in our dance unit and you need to use levels with a puppet and show its weight. Also, earlier in drama, we worked in pairs and one of us was the puppet, making it slightly easier to know how to manipulate and help express feelings and a story from it.