I&S Connection Reflection

In this unit, we focused on the Industrial Revolution and its effects on our current world.

How would your learning experience have been different if you’d done it in a different country?

I think if I was back in Bangladesh, this unit would have gone down a completely different road. I say this because Bangladesh is still a developing country that is struggling with its systems and control over itself. Child labor in Bangladesh is still an immense issue and isn’t going to stop any time soon because of the rocketing poverty rates and growing population. Our school was very small and was barely an international school, with most of it made up of natives. Constantly talking about the issue of child labor and its problems would be talking about outside of the safe walls of school. People lived in slums and huts everywhere. I think it would have been harder to finish the unit because of the harsh reality the country is still living through. I don’t think I would have been as free to express my thoughts and beliefs as I am here, because I would always be frowned upon for disrespecting or stating the issues with their country.

What are you studying in another subject that is connected to this?

In English we learned about persuasive language and how to use it effectively. It think that helped us in this unit because in our summative, we were trying to persuade the judge (Ms.Madrid) into agreeing with our side of the argument. I think it gave us a stronger chance to be on the winning side of the debate. Another connection with school is in music. In music we are learning about blues music and its deep history. It was a way for poorer people and slaves to have a safe way to emote without getting into trouble. I think that relates to the Industrial Revolution because there were many people going through poverty and rough times because of the sudden change in the environment and people.

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