4 thoughts on “Communication ATL Skills Video

  1. Hello, I think your video was a very specific video that explains about communication with little details and your group spoked very clearly so it was very easy to hear what your group was saying. For example you said that communication is not just about sharing ideas, it is listening to others too.

  2. Hey Sophie,
    I think you did a good job on this video, you gave lots of detail and lots of information on communication. I learned that it is even more important than I thought to communicate with each-other. I think you could have improved on the volume of your voices and the location because it was hard to hear you with all of that background noise. Overall great gob, I really enjoyed this video!


  3. Hi Sophie,
    I really liked the fun transitions you guys did and your props. maybe next time you guys can speak more clearly so I can hear what your saying. one question I have is how do we organize our homework and keep track of the due date? thank you!

    From Phebe

  4. Dear Sophia,
    I really like the way everybody had a chance to say at lest a sentence, I also like how everyone came in and out. One of the most things I like was that you all looked like your having fun.
    Thank you!
    Best regards,

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