Science Chicken Dissection

On Friday October 6th, I dissected a chicken wing with my partner Lin. We were supposed to look for things like the cartilage, bone, muscles, shoulder joints, tendons, ligaments, etc.

The components that contract to move the wings are shoulder joints, the elbow joints, biceps and triceps. The surface of the bones and cartilage were kind of smooth and hard.

The chicken wing functions like this. The tendons and ligaments hold the bones and muscles together. The cartilage connects the bones, which prevents damage and friction between bones. To move, the bicep muscles stretch and the tricep muscles tighten and contract, which move the elbow and rest of the wing.

Chickens have a humerus, radius and ulna like humans do.The chicken wing bends the same way as the human arm. The shoulder joints were ball and sockets, just like ours. However, chickens have more skin and surface area around their arms because they have feathers, while humans don’t. Chickens, like other birds have hollow bones, which allows them lift off the ground. Humans have more muscles and fingers, (opposable thumbs) which allows us to lift objects easier.


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