Model UN – Eradicating Poverty


My country was Bangladesh, and I decided that the best way to eradicate poverty in my country is for the MEDCs to contribute 1% of their GDP to developing countries. However, Bangladesh has a very corrupt government, but we still need the money from the MEDCs. We want the UN to decide what we should do with the money given so that we have a stable source for our development and choices so that they really are in our country’s best interest.

I do not think the SDGs should expire and allow free trade as our country is already corrupt and has anarchist groups. Those groups would overrun the country and create chaos.

I wouldn’t mind the last option of having MEDCs and LEDCs partner up and discuss what the best route of action is for eradicating poverty. While this option isn’t bad, the money needed to reduce poverty isn’t ensured.


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