This year, I showed collaboration really well in our P.E dance unit. We got into pairs and had to create a dance with our partner for our creative minute. We each got a 20 second part to make up. Then we had to explain our part in a plan. I showed collaboration by working well with my partner and having everything in by the deadlines. We also had a really good work ethic and trusted each other to do our part and have fun.

Dance Plan Dance Video

In science class, we have to collaborate often during Quizlet live breaks to get the answers right. This involves a lot of teamwork and communication. We also had to show collaboration during the dissection because we needed to balance the work evenly and work as a pair to find and label the parts of an eye.

Eye Dissection Blog Post


In music class, we had to show creative thinking by making a visual map to represent our chosen melody. I recorded myself playing it and had to show how my map related to the melody. This was a task where there were no boundaries. You just had to come up with something that successfully mapped a melody that everyone could understand. I had some difficulty at first and I actually changed my idea a few times. In the end, I came up with something I didn’t think I would use. I explained my melody as something growing and uses a tree with changing branches to show it.

Melody Map Explanation

I also showed thinking in English class during our units on perspective and censorship. We had debates where we would argue both sides to see how both perspectives work and we had to put ourselves in other people’s shoes to think about censorship, like how and when certain topics should be revealed. It was interesting because once we actually stopped and took a look at how multiple people were feeling and really understanding why they were doing what they were doing, we could get to know the situation better. But then again, it was always a matter of who’s perspective it was.


In math, we had a unit that really required our self-management skills. We were basically on our own or with a partner. It was our algebra unit where we had to make our way through chapter 6 and 7 by ourselves. We set goals for each class and had requirements for the end of each week. We would check our work individually and get a sticker to check off our progress. Our checklist had our initials instead of our names so our work could be semi private. All of this work led up to a big unit test about algebra. I was having difficulty and had a session out of class time with Ms. Latve to help me improve. I didn’t end up getting amazing grades on the test but I am proud of my achievements and completion of goals.

I also started showing self management skills in music class by creating and submitting multiple practice journals. At first, I wasn’t so sure what to do and how to fill them out, and didn’t turn them in enough, but after a session in class where Mr.Noonan explained everything I felt comfortable submitting them. But the requirements moved up to two or three a week so I started to make my videos more frequently and I am no longer behind.

Practice Journal 17


I communicated well in French class when I had to create an iMovie introducing me. I did a voice over and added visual content as well so that my peers could be interested. Using the vocabulary and the things we learned in class, I wrote a script beforehand so that recording could be easier. Some of my pronunciations were a bit off but it was okay because my point was clearly communicated across to my classmates and teacher.

French iMovie

I also communicated well in Drama on many different occasions since it is a subject which needs a lot of it. One of them was when we had to perform a mime piece. We had to find other ways to communicate without making sound. To convey a message or story to an audience, we had to exaggerate our movements so each one had a purpose and be very isolated in our movements. Also, facial expressions were very important. This was challenging because we would have to be very focused and attentive to help show our purpose. Another time where communication was essential was when we had to be puppeteers in pairs. We had to communicate with our partner to make the puppets actions seem realistic and help the puppet come to life.

Drama Process Journal


I showed my research skills in I&S during our Empires unit. We chose our top three choices for empires to study. Then, Ms.Madrid chose from our top three and we had to research on that Empire and make a research sheet about it. Using what we learned from that task, we had to convert in into a timeline with the 5 main events that happened during that empire which affected our lives today. Using that knowledge and research, we then got into pairs and made a slideshow on how that empire/country colonized and impacted another smaller country. And vice versa. In my group’s case, it was how Spain and Cuba changed each other.

Spain Cuba Colonization

I also showed my research skills in Design. Our job was to find a character that was judged based on it’s appearance and redesign it. I chose to remake the mascot for the Washington Redskins and change it for people to like it more. This required research skills because we had to find what people’s opinions were and how many people protest against it. I went to different blogs, official sports websites, youtube videos, etc. I had to use key words, different phrases, and there were many times where my Google searches wouldn’t help me. What I eventually found was that there was essentially two major sides to the big controversy. I wanted to make both happy, so I changed it to be something that couldn’t displease anyone.

Design TSC