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Offer & Accept

-What is improvisation?

Improvisation is to make up a scene on the spot right there and then. One person could start but the people would have to make up all of their own characters on the spot as well. You have to try and stay in one story

Explain these four concepts and why they are important to improvisation
-Always accept, don’t block
You have to always accept in improve. Otherwise it would be a total disaster. Blocking in improvisation means when someone offers a scene (starting a scene) and you say something like “that doesn’t make sense” or “thats not true”
example. person #1 “There’s a chicken on your head!” Blocking it would be person #2 saying “no theres not”

-Naming the it
Naming the it is naming the thing you are implying to for example person #1 saying “IT’S COMING THROUGH THE DOOR!” would NOT be naming the it but saying “THAT CUTE LITTLE FLUFFY KITTY IS COMING THROUGH THE DOOR!” would be naming the it.

-Share the story
Sharing the story is staying on the same page for example you couldn’t have a ninja fighting a giant cuddly teddy bear (you COULD but thats beside the point). So sharing the story is being in the same story

-Stay in character
Staying in the character is being one character for the whole time. For instance you couldn’t be a donkey singing “bye bye mis American pie” That would NOT be staying in the character
How did you use offer and acceptance in your improvisation?

I used offer and accept in my improvisation by offering a story to my partner and they have to accept it. The key is to just move along. Don’t block or make jokes. That ends the story. So offer and accept is used in improvisation at the start and to kick off the story

In what ways could I improve my performance and my improv skills?

I could improve my improv skills by practising. I could practise by doing games or just making more and more improv skits for instance I see my friend and I start a improv skit. That is how I can improve my improv skills.

6B Drama: Offer Scenes1 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.