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My self portrait reflection

Photo on 12-9-15 at 2.16 PM                              Photo on 12-9-15 at 2.11 PM

Example 1 of what I learned : I learned how use gradation. At the start of the year I could only make dimensional nose and did not even know what a blending stump was. Now thru the open studio and homework I finally know how to use the blending stump. I made it look 3-D with shadows and highlights which were made by the blending stump.

Another thing I learned was how to use is value. At the start of the year I only knew 2 colors, black and white. Now I know that there a many other different values. Now that I know how make these values I can make my self portrait more 3 dimensional. I am really proud of my new ability to use gradation and value.

Example of thinking independently : One of my examples of thinking independently is when I once got a 4 and a 5 on my critique. Then I decided that I wanted a better grade so I went to open studio a couple times and redid my critique. Then I got a 7 and a 8. I’m glad I redid my critique.

One of the skills I had to use in art was collaboration. I used this skill by going around asking Mr. Reed and some other friends and asking what they thought I show change, erase or make better. Sometimes this was very annoying because I would spend a lot of time changing something that a friend told me and then after I showed it to another friend they would say the opposite. I’m glad I kept on asking though because it really paid off in the end.

Example of anticipating and overcoming difficulty : When I was doing my self portrait I couldn’t make my chin so I used my persistent skill and kept on trying to get it right until I finally got it right. The skill that I used to get it right is persistent.

Does my self portrait represent me? : I think that my self portrait represents me 50-50, I think that way because I am not always happy, Sometimes I am sad. So the self portrait only represents half of me. Also my facial expression is a bit different and more realistic because of the color and more 3 dimensional

I am glad that I completed my self portrait and I hop that you enjoy reading this self reflection and seeing my self portrait.

Drama singing in the rain analysis

Singing in the rain music video :

Props – Some of the props he used were : He uses these props abstractly to make it so you see the state of emotion he is in and you can think more about that. umbrella, pole, hat, puddles, shoes. He uses the umbrella as a guitar and his girlfriend. He uses the pole as well. He uses the hat by taking it off when shouting to the rain, finally he uses his shoes to jump in some puddles

rhythm – The beat in the song is fast and you can hear it through the foot steps. Also his foot steps are quick and snappy which shows his emotion effectively which is up-beat.

Expression – His expression is either in love or exited or happy. You can see this by his movements, which are quick, snappy and joyful. Also you can see his facial expression (the expression on the face) and see that most of the time he is smiling, until he sees the police in which then he is cautious and worried