My self portrait reflection

Photo on 12-9-15 at 2.16 PM                              Photo on 12-9-15 at 2.11 PM

Example 1 of what I learned : I learned how use gradation. At the start of the year I could only make dimensional nose and did not even know what a blending stump was. Now thru the open studio and homework I finally know how to use the blending stump. I made it look 3-D with shadows and highlights which were made by the blending stump.

Another thing I learned was how to use is value. At the start of the year I only knew 2 colors, black and white. Now I know that there a many other different values. Now that I know how make these values I can make my self portrait more 3 dimensional. I am really proud of my new ability to use gradation and value.

Example of thinking independently : One of my examples of thinking independently is when I once got a 4 and a 5 on my critique. Then I decided that I wanted a better grade so I went to open studio a couple times and redid my critique. Then I got a 7 and a 8. I’m glad I redid my critique.

One of the skills I had to use in art was collaboration. I used this skill by going around asking Mr. Reed and some other friends and asking what they thought I show change, erase or make better. Sometimes this was very annoying because I would spend a lot of time changing something that a friend told me and then after I showed it to another friend they would say the opposite. I’m glad I kept on asking though because it really paid off in the end.

Example of anticipating and overcoming difficulty : When I was doing my self portrait I couldn’t make my chin so I used my persistent skill and kept on trying to get it right until I finally got it right. The skill that I used to get it right is persistent.

Does my self portrait represent me? : I think that my self portrait represents me 50-50, I think that way because I am not always happy, Sometimes I am sad. So the self portrait only represents half of me. Also my facial expression is a bit different and more realistic because of the color and more 3 dimensional

I am glad that I completed my self portrait and I hop that you enjoy reading this self reflection and seeing my self portrait.

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